Cheap & Easy…Just the way I like it!

I can think of a lot of things in life that are relatively cheap & easy…like the pre-mixed/pre-formed cookie dough that you just plop onto a sheet and into the oven. Or those dryer bars that you just stick in the dryer and forget.

But at a workshop I went to this spring, I was inspired to make something that’s even cheaper than those things, and very easy (compared to the altneratives anyway.) And as an added bonus, this creation is very “green,” because it’s all about reusing…who wouldn’t like that?!

Here’s what you need:

– old t-shirts

– plastic grocery sacks

– hot glue gun

With these forces combined you can make…………….a no-sew t-shirt pillow! 🙂

It’s easy! Here’s how…

1) Gather your materials

2) Use the hot glue gun to seal up the arm & neck holes

3) Stuff the shirt with plastic sacks

4) Use the hot glue gun to seal up the bottom

(*sorry, forgot to take a pic!)

5) Fluff & use!

Why these are so great for a classroom:

  • If lice goes around, you don’t have to worry about what to do with the pillows…just toss ’em!
  • I didn’t make mine super firm…this way the kids can twist them around, sit on ’em, prop ’em against things, and generally manipulate the shape into a form that is comfortable for them.
  • You can’t really tell from the pics, but each of these shirts has a lot of print, esp on the back. This is especially wonderful for a kinder classroom because you want to expose them to as much environmental print as possible. I decided to forgo making them super “cutesy” because of the educational value they already have.
  • The t-shirt paired with the crinkle of the bags inside makes them a multi-sensory…also a plus in a kinder classroom where you are trying to meet kids at their developmental level!
  • They don’t cost you anything beyond the hot glue gun sticks! Hooray!


As you can see, I’ve already made 4…I ran out of sacks before I could finish the other 3. So if any of you MW friends have a stockpile of grocery sacks and are filled with goodwill…I’d love for you to donate them to me! (Unless, of course, you’ve been inspired to make your own t-shirt pillows. In which case I totally understand!) I think these will be perfect in the little reading nook I plan on creating!



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7 thoughts on “Cheap & Easy…Just the way I like it!

  1. Crazy creative!!!! However, hot glue??? LOL. Oh well, it’s for the environment and the kids too! But this leads me to a question for you….. Do you have old college T-Shirts that you really don’t want to part with but don’t wear any more? Let say about 15 – 20 of them? I would love to make you a college T-Shirt quilt.

    • Kathleen

      I have probably 20+ TECH t-shirts..but I guess that wouldn’t work for Heather huh??

    • Oh my goodness, your panty post was your most popular yet!

      I got the t-shirt pillow idea for a workshop…and hot glue was a must for this no-sew girl!

      Sadly, the college quilt won’t work out for me…I’m such a cleaner-outer that I don’t have ANY college shirts left. It’s a bummer because I’ve owned plenty in my time…just not anymore. Thanks for the thought!

  2. By the way…. I loved that you mom chimed in on my blog yesterday! Not a great subject for a blog, but what was on my mind! 🙂

  3. Persnickety Hall

    Very cute idea!


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