Scattered Saturday…Top Six!

I’ve just been brimming with things to share, so a “Scattered Saturday” post seems like the perfect way to link together a lot of random tidbits of life. 🙂 Hope you enjoy & hope your weekend is sweet!


1) One of the projects I dedicated myself to during Chris’ & my first year of marriage was keeping a newlywed journal. I wrote it in monthly, on (or as close as I could get) to the 26th, since that’s the day we said “I Do!” I viewed it as sort of my “state of the union,” and wrote about what we’d been up to, which bills we’d paid off, our ups & downs & fights & laughs….you get the picture. I enjoyed it so much, and think it will be such a precious piece of our history together, that I’ve decided to do it again this year.

I found this fun journal at Target (Dollar Aisle baby!)…

…and I’ve already made our first entry. Time just seems to be flying by!

So to all you married girls out there (whether you were married yesterday or 50 years ago), this is definitely something I think you’d love. Oftentimes it reminds me of how good I’ve got things!


2) Some of you may remember one of my earliest posts…Dead Plant Walking. It was all about a plant my family bestowed to me (given to us when my Pappy passed away), and my plan for keeping it alive. Here’s how that’s going so far.

In case you are confused, those are yellow, dead leaves. They’re kind of camouflaged since the table is yellow too. That’s how dead they are.

Here’s another clue as to the state of the plant.

That is dirt & spanish moss…apparently Huxley has an opposition to them both and firmly believes the plant should not be entitled to keeping them. Don’t worry, he was put in time out for this one.

I know what you must be thinking…this poor plant is a goner. She might as well go throw it into the plant cemetary in her backyard. Why do people trust her with their kids?!

All I have to say to that is….Not so fast! I’d like to introduce you to…The Still Alive & Growing Plant!!!

Looking a little scraggly I know. But that is new growth you see. So hope still reigns.


3. True confession moment: I love purses. Big shocker right?! A girl who loves purses. Wow.

But even one of those rare girls who doesn’t like purses would LOVE the deal I got on this one. Luckily for me I came across an unspent gift card from one of my BFF’s to DFW shoes…and also luckily for me I happened to be going shopping the very next day! (Some say calculated plan, I say random coincidence. Either way, good for me!)

According the tag, this is an $80 Nine West purse. DFW had it marked down to $40. I got it at an additional 40% off, then paid with a $25 gift card. Grand total owed? …..

.88 cents!!!

Just look at that cute detailing! I just love my cute little “back to school” purse! (And I have mentioned that I love this time of year because I can justify almost every purchase as a “back to school” necessity?!)


4. When I was at Six Flags with my family a few nights ago, I kept seeing superhero capes for sale, as prizes, etc….and of course, I immediately wanted one. A cape is right up my alley.

However, I only the cash that my sweet husband had sent with me. And he wanted change. I could justify spending $10 on popcorn and an orange creme frostee…I mean, a girls gotta eat. But somehow I didn’t think buying a cape would fit into his plan for my remainng $10.

I held strong, settled for just gently caressing them when I walked by….until right before we were about to leave. When we stopped for my brother to buy something, I felt myself weakening. I looked at my dad and asked if I should get one. For school. I mean, how much fun would that be to have at school?! I could wear it when I go around the room helping them, I could make them call by a cool superhero name…the possibilities are endless!

And then, being the sweet daddy he is, he told me that he’d buy me a cape. I picked out Wonder Woman, Mom forked over a grand-spankin’ total of $5 for it, and Dad was rewarded with a big ol’ kiss on the cheek. (Hum…I just saw how that worked…Dad told me I could get it & got the reward, but Mom is the one who actually paid…) Anyway, just check out my awesome new cape!

(*Warning: These pictures were taken after a long day of shopping and a long evening of Six Flags. Don’t judge.)

Poor Caleb. He was so embarassed by my cape. Of course I had to put it on. Of course I had to run in slow motion while wearing it. Of course I had to hold it out and make it flap in the breeze. Who wouldn’t have done that? Oh yes…him apparently. 😛

Wonder Woman! Coming to a Kindergarten classroom near you!


5. Since my glorious TOMS came in, I had to make good on a promise I made to the husband and get rid of some shoes. I forgot to actually count, but I’m proud to say that I was able to combine all of my shoes (minus the heels / boots…they have their own shelf) from 3 hanging racks down to 2! Aren’t you impressed?! Some lady with size 11 feet will think she’s hit the jackpot when she goes to Goodwill next week…

I decided to go ahead and organize my clothes for the school year as well. Huxley was fascinated by my process, and couldn’t help but to snuggle in and watch the show. Of course he wouldn’t be still for the picture.

I was quite pleased with the finished projects. Pants are stacked in 3 different categories (jeans, dress, & casual), dresses & skirts are on one side, shirts are organized according to the following categories: school shirts, dress shirts, t-shirts, strappy shirts, holiday shirts, winter shirts.

Oh, and Chris has a stack of pants & 3 pairs of shoes in there somewhere. He is forced to prefers using the guest closet for his dress shirts.

Getting dressed will a be a cinch with this type of organization!


6. And finally, a little reward for those of you who have stuck with the post for this long. (Should I have split this up into 6 mini posts? Idk…post your opinion if you really care one way or the other.)

In Dilliard’s, Mom & I stumbled upon a new type of pant. The change-your-life type of pant. The I-can’t-believe-I-can-get-this-pant-for-only-$30 type of pant. When she put them on she literally heard angel music and saw light shining down on her. She practically danced with glee. So, of course, I had to try them too. I was equally thrilled with the way they fit, felt, and made me look.

They may not look particularly special…but it’s what you can’t see that makes the difference. These, my friends, are stretchy pants. No buttons, no zippers, only stretchy goodness. It’s called the “Park Avenue Fit.” They had them in shorts, capris, pants…in khacki, brown, black, white, pinstripe…the possibilities are endless! They fit great (I just felt skinnier in them!), aren’t tight, and look very professional! I can’t wait to wear them; I think my shirts will look more smooth, and I’ll be able to sit on the floor with the kids more easily.

(The brand is “Westbound” if you are interested. Give them a chance – they look cute on, even if they aren’t the most fashion forward pants in the store.)

For those of you who know the “Veggie Tales” them song, I sing a little song to that tune every time I think of these pants. Stretchy p-a-ants, Stretchy p-a-ants, Stretchy p-a-ants, <stretchypants!>


And that’s all I’ve got for ya….how’d ya like that?!


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5 thoughts on “Scattered Saturday…Top Six!

  1. GREAT blog! it is so interesting and inspirational! if you get the chance to check out mine, I would love to see what you think of it!:)

    follow me?–

    • Thanks Rach! Your blog is so fun…I had to get the button, and I’ll definitely be coming back! Plus, you inspired me to write a post on ‘staches…so keep an eye out for that sometime soon!

  2. Mom

    Beware Heather….our “special pants” say hang to dry…no dryers for these treasures!!!

  3. Persnickety Hall

    88 CENTS?!?! My mouth dropped on that one! Lol. Awesome score! And its totally cute… love the detail work. Nicely done. 🙂

    • I know right?! And actually, I didn’t have any change, so to keep me from using my debit card for 88 cents, my mom took care of it for me. (Thanks Ma!) For the record tho, I normally don’t find deals anywhere near that good…this was a history-making purse for me! 🙂


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