Blog-Worthy News!

Rise and Shine Rangers Fans! 😀

I’ve got a regular post coming for you guys a little later today, but I absolutely had to give a shout-out to my mom & bro this morning…because they were on tv last night! I’m famous by association!

Earlier this week my fam attended a Rangers game & sat really close to the field. (I opted not to go…too hot for me!) Mom made a poster & they asked me to record the game in case they made it on tv. They had a great time, but no television appearance for them.

Mom & the brotha ended up deciding to go to another game last night. They packed up the poster and sat up in the nosebleeds…on the very top row I believe. Of course they weren’t going to be getting any camera coverage way up there…so after the game they booked it down to the after-game show. Caleb texted me & said to make sure I recorded it again…just in case.

And wouldn’t ya know, one of the first things I saw was their poster!

I watched for a minute more, but didn’t see them anymore…so I flipped back over to my Housewives show. It wasn’t long before my phone was ringing and my dad was saying “Did you see your mother on tv?! She got to talk!”

Thank goodness for DVR…because sure enough, there they were! 😀 Mom got to say her name, and needless to say, she and Caleb were very excited! (Can’t say I blame ’em for that!)

Definitely a blog-worthy accomplishment! 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Blog-Worthy News!

  1. Mom

    That really was fun!!! Never thought I’d be one of “those” people….but once we set our mind to it…there was no going back…lol.

  2. Mom

    Heather…can you change my facebook photo to that pic?


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