New Addiction in Progress

My TOMS came in today.

Did I mention that I’ve been super pumped about getting a pair of TOMS?

Well I have been…and THEY CAME IN TODAY!

So those squeals of excitement you most surely must have heard were coming from ME!

Bask in the gloriousness of my new shoes with me.


Thank you Mr. UPS man!!

Ooohhh…first glimpse of the box. The excitement is mounting!!

Added Bonus: that my purchase means someone else will experience the joy of new shoes! (And let’s face it, their joy will be far more authentic than mine. These were a want for me…there are others who need them!)

And here comes that moment when you first lay eyes on your new shoe babies. (Am I getting to weird for you? So sorry.)

 I just love when you order something and it comes with an unexpected goodie. In this case it was this cute TOMS shoe bag & a sticker…if you ever order online from you’ll love their packaging/fun goodies as well.

But enough of all this silliness. Let’s just get down to what’s really important here. How good they look on my feet.

And let me tell ya, it’s not easy to make those size 11’s look cute. I’m sold!!


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4 thoughts on “New Addiction in Progress

  1. Cute, but are they comfy???? Remember, you are on your feet with Kindergarters………… LOL

  2. Mom

    I’ve got to order tomorrow…you said free shipping…right!!


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