Scattered Saturday

Lots of randomness to share today people…and since I can’t figure out any organized way to share all of these snippets of information, I’m just going to put it all out there for ya. Hence the name…Scattered Saturday. 🙂


Let’s just get right to the shoes. The shoes I lusted over all week at camp. (Lusted, you say? YES. I wanted to rip them off of her feet and have them all to myself.) The shoes that caused the angel on my right shoulder and the devil on my left shoulder to keep my head spinning all week long. I basically wanted to steal them (I mean they were even the size I wear!)…but that would have been wrong. Right?

Anyway, here they are. Gold sparkly TOMS.

I’m not saying that you have to love them. I’m just saying that they totally do it for me. (Don’t make me explain what “it” is. I don’t mean it in a rated R kind of way, just in the “I may never need another pair of shoes in my life” kind of way.) If I had known these existed when I got married last year then I would have worn them with my dress.

So I come home, give Chris a couple of cookies with frosting in the middle to butter him up, and ask him if I can order them. And he even said yes, even though they aren’t particularly his favs. I rush to the website, heart beating with anticipation, and click as fast as I can…only to find the words “out of stock.”


What to do, what to do.

After a brief mourning period, I decided to buy them in black.

And I will religiously check back on the website until the gold pair is “in stock.” 😉

(*If you don’t know the story behind TOMS, then check it out…pretty cool!


Since I’m getting the TOMS as my new school shoes, I’m pretty pumped to wear them with the new shirt Mom got me at a conference she went to. She knows me so well…I *LOVE* this shirt!

Sparkles, crowns, lots of color, rhinestones…what more does a girl need?!


Speaking of my Mom, she and the rest of my fam have quite the story to tell. Before I share it with you, I have to introduce the main character…

In case you aren’t exactly sure what you are looking at, that is a pretty good sized bull snake. For those of you who get freaked by snakes, you may want to scroll on down past this section…otherwise your phobia may step it up a notch.

So one morning this past week, my Dad goes over to his sink & starts shaving his beard. At one point, he glances up and finds himself looking up at a snake stretched across the top of his medicine cabinet mirror. Yes. A snake. In the house. On top of the mirror.

(*Insert spine shiver here.)

He calls for my brother to help, and using what Mom referenced as “a lot of adrenaline,” they managed to knock the snake off into a trash can, take him outside, and shoot him.

That’s what you get for coming into the house, Mr. Snake.

Although there is some speculation as to how he got into the house, no one is really sure. Which is causing some anxiety on my family’s part, as you can imagine!


If you are ever in the town of West (which is actually a town in Texas), then you MUST MUST MUST stop by the Czech Bakery / convenient store. You might be unsure of it at first, because it’s not much to look at. You might have trouble finding a place to park, because it’s always packed. And you might send me a thank you letter in the mail afterwards, because it is just that good. They have tons of freshly made kolaches & breads & baked goods…all of which are totally delish. Trust me on this one.


As you guys may remember, I’m decorating my classroom in a bamboo/panda theme this coming year. When I got home from camp there were a couple of boxes waiting on me, and I could hardly wait to rip into them. MOST of the things I ordered were exactly what I was expecting, but a couple of things were a bummer. Note to self….look at the measurements listed in the product description. (As opposed to just making up a size in your mind that you want them to be.)

Example #1

I thought these were going to be closer to a foot long…instead they are as long as my hand and like an inch & a half wide. Much smaller than I was hoping for.

Example #2:

And these things just absolutely blew my mind. I THOUGHT they were going to be the size of that small white notepad in the center of the picture. As you can see, they are much, much bigger than that. And now I have 24 of those things. Oops.


And to wrap it up for today, a Huxley update. He is still a little angry with me for being gone so long, and that he had to be in his crate so much. He’s been acting out, namely causing trouble and barking at me constantly. See for yourself.

Where is he?!

There he is…and just look at that crazed look in his eyes.

(*Insert another spine shiver here.)


So there it is…how’d ya like that?!


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