I Heart School Supplies

(*Shout out to my friend J.F. for the inspiration for today’s post. Our common love of school supplies unites us.)

If you were to ask me why I became an elementary school teacher, I could click off lots of reasons for you. It’s in my blood, I love to read children’s books, it gives me a creative outlet, I get to sing and play, the kids still love me…and on and on. Oh, and because I HEART SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

And for that reason, I’d like to sing a new song that I wrote. *Ahem* Please excuse me while I warm up my voice.

Okay I think I’m ready now…

“It’s the most, WONDERFUL time, of the year! There’ll be post-its for noting, new backpacks for toting, and markers all a-glow, There’ll be shiny new shoes, lots of Elmer glue, All my goodies I can’t wait to show! It’s the most, WONDERFUL time, of the year! There’ll be much showing off, oh my heart is aloft, when school supplies are near…It’s the most, WONDERFUL time, of the year!!!

And it really, really is. It’s not even about school starting back again…it’s about the fresh start, the new style, the excitement I get from color coordinating each piece of the “fall collection.” (Yes, I refer to it like I’m a fashion designer creating a collection. It’s only because I feel so strongly about it.)

Of course there is a heirarchy of wants, I mean, NEEDS.

At the bottom level you have your essentials. These are the things that if you don’t have them, odds are a friend or your teacher does. Glue, scissors, pencils, pens, a big pink eraser…not exactly going to make you feel dizzy with joy, but necessary.

(*I must admit that somehow during my last Wal-Mart trip somehow 40 glue sticks, 5 bottles of glue, and a pair of scissors ended up in my basket. Weird.)

The next level is where you’ll find your upgrades. These are your spirals, folders, pencil bags, & backpacks…and this is where you get to show off your sense of style. Solid colors? Not for this girl.

(*Be still my beating heart!)

And finally, we reach the top level of the pyramid. The top dawg of all school supplies. The single most exciting and wonderful goodie you will place in your shopping basket. The holy grail of school supplies. The…okay well I think you’ve got where I’m going with this.

It is the planner.

Scoff not, my friend. From the moment my mom introduced me to one as I started junior high, it has been nothing but pure, unadulterated love. It helped me keep track of school work, extracurricular activities, and my social calendar. I would even so far as to write down things I had already done (that were not previously in the planner) just so that I could cross them out. They act as a diary of sorts for the year, a record of all I’ve done and accomplished. My planner has always been a very important book in my life, second only to the Bible.

Now that’s some heavy stuff.

So you can imagine then, how hard it was for me not to buy a planner during my recent school-supply trip to Target. I instantly found the perfect one…beautiful design, tabbed, room to write, special places to record specific information. Glorious. Angel music played and light was shining down. But, alas, in this technical age, I have decided to try something new…to take a leap of faith. Rather than buy a paper planner, I have stepped outside of my comfort zone and bought a planner app for my school issued Ipad.

I’ll have to let you know how it works out for me. Is it strange that there is a part of me that feels guilty for not having the paper version?

Probably so.

No worries, I’ll eat some cookies to assuage my guilt. And in this case I mean real cookies, not the virtual kind.


So as you can see, even teachers love school supplies. This teacher gets little shivers of excitement just thinking about them. (And to further prove my point, I’ll just say now that I regularly receive office supplies as Christmas gifts. From my family. Because I ask for them.) I would daresay there are many, many others out there who feel just like I do, so rather than buying your kid’s teacher the apple-themed lotion basket as a Christmas or thank-you gift, why not go with some cute new pens and a fun notepad?!

Now that we have that settled, I’ll leave you with a quick reminder that school supplies are indeed out in a store near you, the prices are ridiculously cheap, and if you wait much longer then teachers like me will leave you staring at empty shelves. You snooze you lose. 😉


(*That’s not me. It’s just a random picture I found on google of a girl who looks like me. But I really, really wish I was her. She’s totally bankin’ on the school supplies!)


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3 thoughts on “I Heart School Supplies

  1. Mom

    Oh yea! Mardels…me…20% off…I so enjoyed myself!

  2. I, too, love school supplies. But as a high school teacher in poverty stricken Texas Education, I get mine at the end of the year when the janitors clean out lockers–LOTS of unopened packages of notebook paper, unused spirals, pens. It’s treasure trove. What I don’t get then, I accumulate each six weeks as students “buy” homework passes. I have done glue sticks, tissue, pens, sugar free candy (for me), peppermints (for them). I guess the most novel homework pass ever was my Starbuck’s coffee pass. Yes, I got packages of coffee (for ME! ME! ME!) I love to look at the bulletin board supplies at Mardel’s. I know you elementary folk do cute bulletin boards. But the reality of high school and bulletin boards was driven home to me the year Mrs. Richardson decided that she would not put ONE THING on her bulletin board until a student asked why there was nothing on the bulletin board. That board stayed blank all year. I guess hormones somehow causes changes in eyesight so that students don’t notice bulletin boards. LOVE your posts! I feel like I’m hearing you talk. Keep up the good stuff.

    • Haha…i love it! Maybe I’ll try the Starbucks thing!

      Mrs. R’s story reminded me of one of mom’s…at miles they were big on bulletin boards (each teacher had like 4they were responsible for). Anyway, one year mom did one with all the words in some other language. When none of the students ever asked her what it said, she stopped putting so much effort into them!

      Glad you are enjoying reading the blog…I’m having fun writing it!


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