Things I Did Not Want the Group to Know…

Thing #1 – That ever since the ripe old age of 25, I have had to wax my moustache. But since that accidently slipped out already in an earlier post, I guess there’s no harm in saying it again.

Thing #2 – That Hallmark commercials make me cry. Every time. And not the pretty cry either. The face-all-scrunched-up-snotty-nose-can’t-breathe-blubbery kind of cry.

Thing #3 – That I cradle my puppy in my arms and just go to town with the baby talk. You would be embarrassed for me if you saw it.

Thing #4 – That, in fact, Kindergarteners scare me. Ever seen the cartoon Recess? Remember how the Kindergarteners were this savage tribe that everyone feared? Yeah, that’s my life.

Thing #5 – That I once fell asleep while boiling water for spaghetti. When I woke up it had boiled dry. Lesson learned: no more naps during cooking time.

Thing #6 – That my husband taught me how to talk with a lisp so that we could be silly together. What I don’t want you to know is that I ended up giving myself a speech impediment and now I sometimes slip into the lisp unintentionally. Like while I’m teaching.

Thing #7 – That I don’t always answer when my phone rings. I’m one of those people who kind of misses the days when everyone wasn’t expected to be available every second of every day. Leave me a message, I’ll call you back!

Thing #8 – That I have a secret strategy which helps me win rock-paper-scissors at least 90% of the time. You do NOT want to go up against me with those odds.

Thing #9 – That I have to keep a can of air freshener by my side of the bed. Between my husband & my puppy (who sleeps in his crate at the foot of the bed) my “marital bed” can be a scary place. A poor girl such as myself shouldn’t be left defenseless.

Hum…maybe that last one was something that the GROUP did not want to know. So sorry about that.

Thing #10 – That my Wii Fit once told me that maybe I should be paying more attention to Chris. Apparently the Wii had noticed a change in his posture that I hadn’t. Sometimes technology just gets a little to real. Freaky!


There now. Don’t you feel closer to me after knowing all that? I didn’t want to tell you any of it, but I couldn’t chance you finding out from someone else.

In the spirit of NOT sharing…what is it that you DON’T want the group to know? Comment below, and don’t worry, I won’t tell!


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3 thoughts on “Things I Did Not Want the Group to Know…

  1. Why is it that I get an idea, and you post it??? Seriously….. I was thinking this morning about blogging about things I love! (Not the same as you, but along the same idea). Well, I’ll still do that. Maybe you’ll out something about me you didn’t know. LOL

    Don’t feel bad about the waxing……I have always had to pluck the hairs on my chin and lip! You’re not alone!

    Have fun at camp. Love ya!

  2. This I a good one Heather, I just might have to copy you and steal it for today or sometime soon

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