Button Jar Legacy

What’s up my bleeps?

(*See the “Dictionary of HRT”…bleep: online friend, derived from the words blog and peeps)

Yeah I’m not sure if that really worked or not. Guess I’ll continue on in my quest to develop my own urban slang dictionary.


Today I’ve been packing and cleaning and making notes/lists for the husband so that he can survive at home alone while I’m at camp this coming week. As usual, I hate leaving him & Hux…and with this newest heat wave I can’t say I’m particularly looking forward to tromping around outdoors with a bunch of junior high kids. I’m going to have to carry spray deoderant with me in my survival kit.

And, as I look ahead at the calendar, my mind just continues to be blown that by the time I get back from camp, there will only be one week left in July. SAY WHAT?! Oh no no no…this just will not do. Where has the summer gone?!


I’d say this summer has been pretty nice. I’ve taken some fun trips with my favorite man, had lots of adventures with the newest addition to our family, read lots of really great books, and gotten lots of R&R. Although I don’t exactly remember what, if anything, I had hoped to accomplish over the summer…I think I’ve done enough cleaning out and such to say that I got some business taken care of.

And yet, in spite of all the blessings God has poured on me over these last couple of months, I still have a sadness in my heart. I haven’t talked about it much lately, but I just really miss my Pappy. (For those of you who are newer to the blog, I lost my grandmother at the beginning of June.) I think about her everyday, and I am reminded of her in so many things…her name is the answer to one of my internet security questions, the Lifeline commercials on tv, every time I go to my hometown and remember that I can’t drop by to see her anymore…

Or like when I reach in my cabinet for a coffee cup.

I got this cup for Pappy as a gift several years ago. She and her neighbor sat on their front porch and drank coffee most mornings, so she was always on the hunt for the perfect coffee cup.

Then there was the afternoon when I was unpacking the other things I got to keep from Pappy’s and Carrie Underwood’s “Temporary Home” had me crying as I worked. Darn you Carrie!

One of the most meaningful things I was putting on display is also one of the most simple…this jar of buttons.

For as long as I can remember, Pappy always had a button jar. Her original jar was much, much bigger than this one, and it was completely full. When I was younger I remember looking through the buttons with her from time to time, and in between those moments it served as either a door stop or decoration. Something about it has always seemed wonderful to me…maybe it was all the period of time it covered, all the people represented, or the beauty in all the colors and shapes. Whatever the reason, I loved it!

Then one day, just this past fall, we were surprised to see that Pappy had emptied that jar and used most of the buttons to make bracelets. She’d been making bracelets for a while as a hobby, so when she ran out of beads one day she had to improvise. Part of me was really sad to see that button jar empty, but to Pappy it was no big deal. They were just things, and she had found a way to repurpose them that made her happy. So in addition to the other bracelets I’d chosen from time to time, I added a couple of button bracelets to my collection.

Now I’m so happy that I have them.

When all was said and done, my mom ended up finding a second button jar…which now belongs to me. I moved them into the Mason jar, and put them in the guest room as a bit of decor. I don’t seem to come across too many buttons myself, but when I do you can bet I’ll be adding them to that jar. With each button I’ll remember my sweet Pappy and smile thinking of the time I had with her…just as I do when I wear one of my button bracelets.


One other thing that has really given me some comfort this month was a book that I read by Todd Burpo called “Heaven is For Real.” It is the story of his young son, who has an amazing testimony of a “trip” (for lack of a better word) that he took to Heaven while undergoing a serious illness/surgery. I was skeptical at first, but Todd backs up the details his son relays about Heaven with scripture…and it is absolutely amazing.

Two things stood out in the book, and I have gone back to them time and time again in my mind ever since.

*One day the author took his son to visit an elderly man who was in his last hours on earth. Before they left, the little boy slipped over to the old man and told him not to be afraid, because Jesus would be the first person he would see. This was especially meaningful to me because Pappy’s last words were “Jesus.” I have believed since the day she died that He came for her, but it was nice to have that validated in the book as well.

*The little boy also met his great-grandfather while he was in Heaven, and could tell his parents shocking details about “Pop.” On one occasion the dad showed him a picture of Pop that was taken shortly before he passed, but all the little boy could say is “That’s not Pop. Nobody is old in Heaven, and they don’t wear glasses!” So several months later, they showed him a picture of Pop from when he was a young man in the prime of his life. It was a picture that had been boxed up for years, never displayed for the little boy to have seen. When he saw it, he immediately said “Oh, where did you get a picture of Pop?!” I find comfort in this, joy in knowing that she is free from her ailments, that she is back in her prime. That’s how I’m trying to picture her from now on…because she’s going to be one of the first people I look for when I get to Heaven myself.


I’ll be okay, and I know that my heart will continue to heal. I just really, really miss her.


P.S. Even though I’ll be doing the camp thing this week, I’ve used some of my spare time to prepare posts for you guys. No thanks are necessary. 😉 So long as I can get internet connection, I’ll be posting a little something for you each day, so we shouldn’t miss a beat!

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3 thoughts on “Button Jar Legacy

  1. Angie

    I know just how you feel Heather. There are days when I really just want to call Mamanell and chat or sit next to her porch swing with a cup of coffee.
    I am really enjoying your blog.
    Keep it up.

    • Thanks so much Angie…it makes me think of that country song “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away.” I hope heaven has porch swings, don’t you?!

  2. Heather, you will always miss your Pappy, but she will never leave your heart! You will see her again someday soon. Take comfort in that!

    My mom also had a button jar, as did my grandmother (not sure what ever happened to it though). Mom still has her’s, I believe. Ask Chris about Granny’s buttons………


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