Ode to Midol

Yep. The title says it all. Blah.

Today I’d like to share with you a side of me that you might not know. I am a poet. Or something of the sort anyway…

This is a poem that I wrote in a PMS induced frenzy one day. It was senior year, I’m sure someone pushed me past to the point of sanity in the hallway, and the last thing I remember was stomping into a classroom, slamming myself in a desk, and poetry just pouring out of the end of my pencil. That’s usually how creative works of art come to be, right?!

After I finished I showed it to a few friends sitting around me, got a few laughs, felt pretty good about myself. But I had completely no control over what happened next.

The poem went viral.

Or as viral as something can go in a small town high school. One of my friends copied it down, then typed it out during her computer class next period. She passed it to another friend who was a teacher’s aide, and that girl ran copies of it during her next class on the teacher copier. From there it was distributed in the hallway, in classrooms, in the lunchroom, etc.

I knew it had really made the rounds when I walked into my Dad’s classroom and he just shook his head at me. Oops.

It’s always great when your entire high school knows what’s up with you and Mother Nature, and now I guess all of blog land knows that same thing. Oops…I did it again. 😉

So here you go…check out my poem & discover why I’m a one-hit wonder.

Ode to Midol

Once a month there comes a day,

        When nothing seems to go my way.

It often starts with a tiny little ache,

        But then suddenly the floodgates break.

Everything hurts, the pain is intense,

        So I look to Midol for relief to dispense.

Slowly but surely its effect takes hold,

        My nerves are eased – I’m not as bold.

Everyone is happier now (including me),

        But that’ll change in 3 hours…you’ll see.

The pain will come, along with its rants,

         I’d rather be stung by a herd of fire-ants.

For 5 days this torture will last,

         I swear if anyone messes with me I’ll kick their a#%!

Surprisingly I didn’t get in any trouble for publishing a poem ending in a cuss word and accidently conspiring to distribute it around the school. Maybe it was because the teachers were all scared of me…this was quite outside of my normal behavior. PMS does that to ya.

Sorry to run, but I’ve got a hot date with my heating pad. 😛


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8 thoughts on “Ode to Midol

  1. Mom

    Heather Re’ne…your brother reads your blog…I can see him shaking him head now…we are so in tune…I had a date with my heating pad this morning too. GRRRRR

  2. Persnickety Hall

    Aww! I think we gals can relate! Hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  3. kelli

    Going back and looking at some blogs I missed. Oh my goodness, I’m crying laughing right now.

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  5. kelli

    This is my favorite because it made me laugh so hard. And then I told it to my mom and granny when we were having lunch at Pulidos..and we all had a good laugh together.


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