A Family Responds

It’s me again. I’m partly testing out some changes I’m trying to make to the blog, partly sharing a couple of new pictures with you. Don’t spam me! (Oh and if you received an e-mail from a post that I accidently published then deleted, then I am seriously sorry. 3 in one day?! Yikes!)

If you read my post from earlier today, you’ll know that it isn’t exactly a stable environment in our house right now. The husband and Huxley have chosen to react in two very different ways.

The Husband responds to my “Ode to Midol” with…

Smart man. Snickers Ice Cream Blast.

Huxley’s response caused much weeping, because he acted out with gnashing of teeth.

Yes. That is a hole in our kitchen linoleum. HE LITERALLY CHEWED THROUGH THE FLOOR!

I mean goodness gracious.

I’d like to tell Huxley to KEEP CALM & STOP CHEWING!

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