???Riddle Me This???

Hi there…it’s me again! Let me begin by giving a big shout-out to all the friends out there who participated in my six degrees of separation challenge – ya’ll are awesome! We had our biggest day of blog-traffic yesterday, I made a few new friends, and it was fun to read/see how the blog was advertised by you guys.

The big “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner” title goes to…drumroll please…none other than…MY MOM! 😀 (Go figure right?! It’s the whole “I’m my daughter’s #1 fan” mom thing going on.) She’s already been doing a great job of promoting the blog on her facebook, and she had the most friends visit the site/comment. Remember when I thought it was weird that my Mom had over 100 more Facebook friends than me? Well now I LOVE IT!

I’ll be speaking with her about what book she would like to receive, although I’m thinking she may trade in the book for help reorganizing her cabinets. She’s been hinting about that a lot lately. 😉

Sadly, Kevin Bacon was not able to stop by. He did leave me a voicemail expressing his regret, but he’s currently filming in an exotic location with no internet access. I told him no worries, I had only included him in the contest because I knew how badly all of you readers were wanting him to participate. I was totally cool either way.


And now, on to today’s blog topic…Riddles!

What is black, lumpy, shiny, and smelly?

Answer: My trash this morning!

What is short, fuzzy, loud, and self-declared enemy of the trash bag?

Answer: My weirdo vigilante puppy!

What is made of yarn, colorful, and soft? What is full of sharp teeth and determined to unravel every last bit?

Answer: Our living room rug and “The Demolisher!” (aka – Huxley)

(*Sorry that picture is blurry. I asked him nicely to sit still and look at the camera, but he chose to ignore me. Just as he ignores me everytime I tell him to STOP CHEWING THE RUG!)

What is white, long, and stringy? What is latched on to said white, long, stringy thing as though it is the only thread keeping him from falling over a cliff?

Answer: My shoelace and my completely desperate dog Huxley

What is big, fluffy, and green? What is in disagreement regarding the placement of the big fluffy thing and stubborn enough to move it across the room?

Answer: His bed and the “might as well be a mule because he’s so stubborn” puppy

What is brown, dry, dusty, and getting deeper by the day?

Answer: The holes in our very dry, very pathetic looking yard. (Sorry Dan and Debbie…it’s just sooo dry here!)

What did my husband mistake for an armadillo as the prime cause of the holes in the yard?

Answer: You guessed it…Huxley.

(*This one is actually a bit misfortunate…Chris was so excited one day because he just knew he had figured out what creature had scared me a couple of weeks ago (*reference: I’m a Big Fat Scaredy Cat)…an armadillo! His evidence: holes forming in the front yard. I was ashamed to admit to him that those holes were not caused by an armadillo…there was no one to blame but Huxley and myself. I’m like one of those parents who swears that a television will not “babysit” their child…but then becomes so desperate for something, ANYTHING to keep the attention of their child, even the tv. That’s where I’m at with the holes. But no more!)

And I could just keep going and going. I could have documented how he is methodically destroying our wicker boxes that serve as a coffee table. How the plant (*reference: Dead Plant Walking) no longer has any spanish moss in the base because he pulled it out and drug it all over the house. How my kitchen rug is missing a corner. How the couch has little teeth tears on the corners. The hole he put in the back of my favorite t-shirt. But I didn’t. That would have just become a little obsessive. Like I was actually keeping a list of everything he destroys.

Oh wait. I AM!

And all this destruction comes from a little 7 pound puppy who has almost no alone time, gets pretty much constant attention, and has more toys than most children in 3rd world countries. How it happens I do not understand.

On a happy note, he did pretty much stop chewing on our socks. So that’s an improvement right?! Always gotta be on the look out for the silver lining…

Until he stops I guess I’ll have to KEEP CALM & ….    ….   …. pretty much just TRY NOT TO LOSE MY MIND ON!

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3 thoughts on “???Riddle Me This???

  1. Jennifer R.

    I was just about to comment after some reading and saw that your mom already won. Congrats! Love you both

  2. That favorite shirt will hit you where it hurts. My puppy (ya, the 6 year old one) recently ate all the bling off my favorite one, leaving basically sleeves. Hang in there puppy Momma!


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