Will the real Kevin Bacon please stand up?!

Hola! If you are new to the blog, thanks so much for stopping by! Odds are you were bullied into it by one of your friends…I challenged my subscribers to a little friendly referral game in the hopes that their peer pressure would bring you here. Glad to see it worked.

Before you leave, make sure you hit the comment button and let me know who referred you. Everyone is competing to win a VERY BIG, *special* prize, but it’s going to take the most referrals to get it…so help a sista’ out (or a brotha, in case one of my male subscribers sent you!)

In the meantime, I hope you’ll look around & read a few posts! Let me recommend a few of my favs to you…click on the calendar to read the post!

*June 1 – Why a Blog? (scroll all the way down)

*June 9 – Poop in My Purse (gross, but popular)

*June 16 – Won’t you be my neighbor?! (a MUST read for anyone new to the blog!)

*June 19 – Bringin’ Home the Bacon (just fun!)

*June 24 – Did I shave my legs for this?! (let’s just get some personal information right out there in the open…)

*June 30 – I’m a Big Fat Scaredy Cat

+ 11 fun days of July posts…from funny to frustrated to on fire for the Lord!

If you like what you read (and hopefully you do!) then I’d love for you to subscribe! I’ll even give whomever referred you a bonus point for your subscription! Just hit the subscribe widget to the right of the screen.

Oh, and why the Kevin Bacon title? It’s silly really, but I’m glad you asked! I’m hoping that by 6 degrees of separation he’ll have a friend send him to this site, in which case they will win a bacon-themed gift basket, and I will probably fall off the couch from shock. Then I’ll brag to everyone that I know.

And if Kevin were to go so far as to subscribe, I would probably send all of my subscribers one of those cans of bacon that I mentioned once…because surely that would mean the world was about to end. 😛


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9 thoughts on “Will the real Kevin Bacon please stand up?!

  1. Oneta

    Your Mother got me started on your blog.

  2. Misti M.

    Your mom sent me as well! Good luck Re’Genna!

  3. Your mom must REALLY like bacon…I saw her plead on facebook! :o) Love your blog…Will definitely add it to my reader! Hope you are well!!

  4. Ooops…I saw her plea, not her plead!

  5. Not sure why monkeybusinessx3 keeps showing up here…Sorry!

  6. Kelli

    Hi heather….you referred me to this blog, so do you get a point???


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