Plain ol’ Vanilla

Just like Baskin Robbins advertises its 31 flavors of ice cream, I like to offer my readers a variety of posts when they visit my blog.

Some days you just. need. CHOCOLATE. (Or okay, that what I need most days. But once I eat that scoop I’m good to go for a little variety.) So I try to offer up just what you need with my words.

Occasionally I try to give you a jumpstart with my words…like the popular coffee-flavored ice cream “Jamoca.”

Not all days are easy (remember the “Going to the Chapel” post?!) so my writing reflects my “Rocky Road” for sure.

One of the main reasons I decided to write a blog was to document all the craziness I have going on…from my husband, to my puppy, to my job. Cue the “Nutty Coconut.”

I also love to sit and reflect on good days, good times, and sweet memories…perfect for “Old Fashioned Butter Pecan.”

And from time to time, I write so that I’m not driven to drink. Maybe on those days I should eat a scoop of “Daiquiri Ice” while I blog.

Then there’s today.

Today, it’s plain ol’ vanilla.

Don’t get me wrong, vanilla isn’t bad. Some days it’s downright comforting. But it’s also a good fallback when you don’t feel like making any sort of decision of all. Today vanilla was just what the doctor ordered because, honestly, it’s been a vanilla kind of day. Church, lunch, 3 hour nap, puppy playtime, phone calls, and movies. Not bad…just not particularly deserving of “Icing on the Cake” or “Gold Medal Ribbon” status.

And I also didn’t have any brilliant ideas about what to blog about.

So thanks for reading my post about how my blog relates to ice cream. I was in a “Quarterback Crunch” and this is what I came up with. If you don’t like it, eat a scoop of “Love Potion #31” and read it again. Bet you’ll love it the second time around. 😉


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4 thoughts on “Plain ol’ Vanilla

  1. How do you come up with these ideas??? Oh wait, you are a teacher, you are married to my son, whom I might add is related to his father (for which I am very sorry LOL). AND, where was my phone call???? JK….HUGS and much love to both of you. I’ve been kind of missing you guys today and sort of emotional, so it’s probably good that your blog was as it was. 🙂

  2. I’m not exactly sure where that idea came from…but I’m glad it did, otherwise ya’ll would have been hearing crickets when you looked at my blog yesterday. Sorry to hear that you’ve been upset, we’ll give you a call later for sure!

  3. hahhhaha I’m so with you…some days are just plain vanilla….but you know what? Vanilla is my favorite 🙂 because it’s real life


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