I’m Not a Party Pooper…

But I am still a little pooped from the party.

Today you get a double dose of your daily blog regimen – lucky you! 🙂 I’ll keep this short…maybe I’ll try for 600 words or less. (And although that may sound like a lot, it actually isn’t compared to most of my posts.)

If you read my last post (which you’ll want to go back and do if you haven’t, since this is the follow-up!) you’ll remember that we had spent the last couple of days preparing for a big 4th of July party, and that our first set of guests arrived 2 hours early. For those of you who regularly host parties you know how that can be cause for a little bit of a frenzy. 😛

I can honestly say that I didn’t freak out…mostly because that wouldn’t have done anything except made them feel bad. Instead I made sure Chris woke up from the nap he was taking, got everyone settled, and disappeared for about 10 minutes so that I could get in my party clothes, put on make-up, and actually fix my hair for the day. (Oh yeah, I made a great first impression.) Turns out that Chris never told them a starting time, so technically they weren’t even early…I guess I was running late!

Before too much longer more guests began arriving, and it was non-stop from that point on. Most of our guests were friends of Chris’ from school, plus his sister & her sweet little family. Since all of the boys knew each other (from school & computer gaming) they were laughing and talking from the moment they walked in the door. The “Wives Club” took a little more prodding…most of us have only heard of one another, with a few chance meetings here and there. So we did what wives do….swapped recipes (I’ve gotta try the new cake ball recipe I learned), watched the kiddos (one baby, two toddlers, and a wound up puppy), and generally rolled our eyes/comforted one another when our husbands said something inappropriate. (And trust me, that happened quite a lot with this crew!)

We had TONS of delicious food (still do by the way – anyone want to come over for dinner tonight?!) and plenty of dessert. In addition to my S’more Brownie Bites, we also had chocolate covered strawberries, cake balls, and homemade vanilla ice cream. That just may be what I am most proud of…I successfully made a quite tasty tub of ice cream on my first try ever!

When cooking and eating was complete, it was time for the entertainment portion of the evening. 🙂 We kept it pretty tame and mostly just watched Chris spray the kids with a water hose, kids take the water hose from Chris, and Chris run away screaming like a girl. Hit auto-repeat and you’ve got it! After everyone dried off we settled in to wait for fireworks. Luckily for us we have a perfect view of the city show right from our yard, so we didn’t have to go far, and I thought they definitely ended up being worth the wait! (My niece wouldn’t agree…she thought they were scary & kept wanting us to cover our eyes!)

For the most part things went off without a hitch, and I think everyone had a good time. Even the little “uh-oh” moments weren’t that bad…just a gallon of tea that leaked its entire contents into the refrigerator (that took some effort to clean up!) and an unattended grill (one of those “If everyone’s in the house then who’s at the grill?” things). Oops! I was happy with everything, and I know Chris was because he’s been so sweet & complimentary of how I pulled it off…so that’s all that matters to me!

Luckily Hux let me sleep in a little today (9 a.m. – whoop!) and I don’t have much on the agenda besides a vet visit. Trash it out, lots of dishes are washed, and towels are in the washer…so theren’t not much clean-up left to do. That means that this girl will be taking a much earned nap this afternoon. I can’t wait!


P.S. – I didn’t quite meet my goal…for those of you who are counting, I had 710 words. My bad.

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