Come Back for S’More!

(*Yes, yes, I know July 4th is over. But I had this blog totally ready to publish, minus the pictures, when some of our guests arrived 2 hours early. It was totally cool that they were here, but it sent me into host mode & made this post late. Hope you don’t mind!)

Hello fellow Americans! I hope this day finds you with sunshine (warm but not unbearable), a glass of something cool (sweet tea is my preference), and the company of family & good friends.

Chris came home one day about a month ago and said…”Oh by the way, I invited all of my school friends over for the 4th of July to watch fireworks.” Of course, since I fancy myself as the hostess with the mostess, I said “Bring ’em on!”

So that brings us to today! The yard is ready, the dog washed, food prepped, house sparkling, decor dazzling, & somewhere in the vacinity of 10 friends are heading this way. And I need a nap. 😛

Now keep in mind that we are on a budget here people, so this decor was Dollar Tree/dollar aisle inspired. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out…see for yourself!

What Chris’ friends (most of whom I’ve never met) DON’T know is how big of a dork I actually am. Chris apparently only tells them stories about how “cool” I am. Great. So rather than try to live up to the hype, I’ve decided the better plan is just to be myself loud and proud from the moment they walk in the door…which is why I will greet them with a friendly smile and a 4th of July flower lei. That’s cool right?! 😉

I got a little adventurous with dessert, so I decided to dedicate the bulk of the blog to sweets. (That and I can copy, paste, and give credits to the websites that I pulled these from to save time on today’s post!) The need for an adventurous detour from the norm was born from necessity, because the dessert of the day is S’mores. (*And it should be said that I just noticed how every time I write the word “s’mores” I lick my lips. Bet you do too!) I did not feel it was in good taste to actually start up a fire in the firepit due to the recent wildfires in this area, so improvisation became the name of the game.

This is what I came up with…little brownie cupcakes with marshmallow creme as frosting and crunched up graham crackers sprinkled on top. Here’s a look at the finished product…

And so in the spirit of creativity, I wanted to leave you with a few fun S’More recipes to try. BUT I’m afraid I would break some sort of copyright law and the blog-police would shut down my blog AND I’m running to short on time today to retype the recipes so that it wouldn’t be so obvious that I copied and pasted them from a website. Honesty is the best policy right?! So instead I’m leaving you with a few more pictures that will have you lickin’ your chops & I’m encouraging you to go to google, type in “S’More Recipes,” and find one that makes your mouth water. Then try it & let me know how it goes! (If you want to skip google then you can click on this link to see 26 yummy pictures/recipes.)

Wup…there’s the doorbell! Forgive me for leaving you on such short notice, but there’s about to be a party up in here. 🙂 Gotta go!


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