35 Things You Should Never Stop Doing

(*Or, if you’re still doing them, that you should NEVER stop. How’s that?!)

Hello again friends! I’ve been facebooking with many of you over the last 24 hours, getting your help to write today’s blog. It’s been fun having your help…so thanks & this one’s for you! 🙂 I gave credit where credit was due, so look for your name!

In addition to my facebook friends, I had a little help with the inspiration for today’s post. Don’t judge me for it. It came from Cosmo. Every girl needs a little vacation reading, and that was mine. So as not to plaguarize, any numbers marked with a * are some of my favs from the magazine article.

So with all that being said…Here’s 35 things you should never stop doing!

1) Being BFF’s with your mother (submitted by none other than…MY mom! It’s my fav thing on today’s list!)

2) Being a kid at heart (D. Page…practiced daily by my husband!)

3) Dreaming and using your imagination (Biz)

*4) Doing the “beep the horn” gesture to truck drivers

5) Exercising (S. Johnson)

6) Writing poetry (L. Silvers)

7) Watching sappy girlie movies just so you can have a good cry (HT)

8) Mailing a real letter…everyone loves getting snail mail! (my momma)

*9) Talking with fake accents

10) Doing the things you enjoy…the chores of life can wait, but spending time with your loved ones shouldn’t have to! (J. Fitzhugh)

11) Praying! (K. Stults)

12) Committing to the love of your life…keep it fresh and new everyday! (J. Dunsworth)

*13) Watching a tv show over the phone with your BFF so you can dissect the drama

14) Learning…life changes constantly & you can’t become stationary! (A. Pitman)

15) Laughing and Smiling (D. Eoff)

16) Flirting with the man you love! (M. Hollifield…also a personal fav of mine!)

*17) Taking naps!

18) Never forget how to have fun (D. Thompson)

19) Using your hairbrush as a microphone (HT)

20) Jumping in mud puddles (HT)

*21) Making cookies for the sole purpose of eating the raw batter

22) Always believe / Don’t stop believing (Aunt G & Caleb)

23) Wishing on falling stars (HT)

*24) Treating September like the beginning of a new year: buy new office supplies, “school” clothes, etc.

25) Giving a fake “Starbucks” name whenever they ask whose name to put on the cup (HT)

26) Looking in the mirror for what you LOVE about yourself (HT)

*27) Writing mushy, “Where are you now?” letters to your futur self

28) Trying on fancy dresses for fun & imagining where you would wear them (HT)

29*) Playing make-up artist on a friend

30) Making sun-tea on a bright summer day (HT)

*31) Storing make-up in your big ol’ Caboodle

32) Having the courage to try new things & to laugh at yourself if it doesn’t work out (HT)

33) Buying cute underwear 🙂 (HT)

34) Living, Laughing, Loving…and reading Heather’s blog! (O. Hightower….NO, I did not pay her to say that…but I think it’s pretty awesome!)

35) Taking the time to thank the men and women who serve our country, and helping their families as you have the opportunity (HT)

Oh and the list could go on and on! I would love for you guys to hit the comment button below and add to the list…it can be serious, silly, or sweet!

As I’ve read ya’lls ideas, pondered over my own, and meditated on what types of things one should NEVER stop doing, I’ve noticed a trend. It’s about relationships, about holding on to what is pure/innocent about childhood, about believing in yourself, and about the simple things in life.

I hope that today each one of us will choose at least one thing from this list, or one thing that should be on this list, to do. Then tomorrow you can choose something new to try. Shake a neighbors hand. Kiss a baby. Drink a cool glass of lemonade & watch kids run through a sprinkler. Oh what the heck – run through the sprinkler with them! Carpe Diem people!

I think I’m gonna go with #16…gotta go! 😉


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