You see me rollin’

Good morning friends! To set the mood for today’s post, I’ve added a link you can click on to check out a music video by Weird Al. The song is called “White & Nerdy”….and there is a clue hidden in the video about the topic for today’s post. See if you can guess it! 🙂

(*Insert elevator music here while you click on the link and wait for the video to load…don’t worry, I’ll still be here when you get back…)

Nerdy right?! 🙂 Now that you’ve seen the video, let’s see if you can guess what I want to talk about today…

A) Gangsta’s

B) Computers

C) Segways



And the correct answer is (drumroll please!)…..SEGWAYS! Surely you saw this coming after my vacation post a few days ago. 🙂 The reason I had to share that song with you is because it was stuck in my head the entire time we were rollin’ on our segways! In fact, if we were playing one of those word assocation games and you said Segway, I would say white & nerdy. It’s just the way it goes.

It’s a good thing Chris & I are both white AND nerdy. See for yourself.

But you don’t have to feel too embarassed for us. We’ve got a little gangsta flowing through our veins as well.

I hope you aren’t too overwhelmed by our awesomeness. Try to contain your jealousy. 😉

So here’s the low-down (or is it down-low?) about our SegCity SegWay experience. And here’s the link in case you are so inspired you want to try it out for yourself. 🙂

When we arrived, I had a somewhat apprehensive and skeptical husband in tow. He wsan’t overly happy about what we paid for the 2 hour tour either. But as usual, it didn’t take him long to warm up & start trying to get a laugh from our tour guide & the other lady in the office. He did such a good job of getting them giggling, in fact, that when it came time to get our Segways ready our guide Morgan said “I bet you want the one with flames don’t you Chris?”

Of course he did.

So my husband rode through San Antonio on a Segway that was covered in flames.

In case you hadn’t noticed that before, here’s picture evidence.

Before we actually hit the streets of San Antonio for our tour, we had to learn how to operate the Segway itself. Let me just give you a basic understanding of how they work…

Basically, each Segway has “gyroscopic sensors” that gauge your balance an average of 100 times per second. To make it move forward, you simply shift your weight forward. To stop, you only have to balance your weight back evenly on both feet. If you have to make an emergency stop, all you have to do is stick your caboose out & it will naturally balance your weight. So for the basic operation of a Segway you don’t even need your hands! In honor of that idea, here’s another short video clip that we started quoting…because if you don’t need your hands, then what should you do with them?

🙂 Thanks for humoring me with that one. In all reality, your hands do play a role in the Segway. When you need to turn either to the left or to the right, you just hold on to the handlebars and shift it to whichever side you are wanting to turn. That was probably the hardest part for me…I wanted the handlebars to work like those on a bike, but they don’t move that way. They will only shift side to side.

The last thing you need to know is that you should never jump ship and get off a Segway while it is on and in motion, because it will keep going. This isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do, because if your wheels bump something, you go to fast, or you back up to far, the Segway will channel its inner “Bucking Bronco” and get jumpy on ya. I learned this the hard way, right in the middle of a sidewalk near a busy downtown street with lots of traffic and people walking around us. Perfect.

I got too close to a cement siding & grazed it with my tires. When my Segway started bucking, I kind of panicked because I couldn’t get it to stop. I made my guide proud though because I did not let go…I just took one foot off to steady myself and got it away from the cement. After a few claps from people around us I was back on and ready to go. A little on the shaky side perhaps, but my nerves calmed down after a bit. (And thank goodness, there are no picture of that!)

From there we just rolled here and there, checking out all the sights! (I’m sure we were a sight ourselves…we went all over downtown, crossing streets, waiting at cross walks, passing people on sidewalks…) Our tour guide was fabulous; she gave us great recommendations on where to eat & visit, cool info and back stories on all the historic sites we were visiting, and was overall just a sweet, encouraging person. We were lucky that it was only the 3 of us on the tour, so in addition to learning about San Antonio we also had fun making a new friend.

Oh and one other funny story…as we rolled on past a hotel Chris was suddenly showered by water from above! Turns out there were some kids on the roof who had been dumping water on people who passed by for quite a while…can you imagine how many points they would get for showering a guy on a Segway?! We laughed it off, but Chris still shouted out a “Don’t make me come up there!” before we rolled away. 😉

Nerdy? Yes. Fun? Definitely! But now I’ve got real trouble on my hands because Chris wants to buy one to drive to work. I can’t seem to convince him that driving a flame colored Segway around MW is probably not the best move. 😛


In the spirit of today’s post, I’ve got one more video for ya. This one was sent to me by my sister-in-law Biz…I guess she thought this is what we probably looked like. 😀 It’s called “Chimpanzee Riding on a Segway”…


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6 thoughts on “You see me rollin’

  1. Oops…looks like I went a little crazy with the emoticons on this post. Guess I’ve got a lot of feelings going on! 😛

  2. Also remind him that he can’t take it into Dallas or Fort Worth because of the highways. Lastly, if he got one then Matt would want one and there would be no end to the trouble they would cause.

  3. Mom

    Ahhh you know how to make your mom proud don’t you. jk

  4. Debra Moore

    H…I am loving your daily posts! (thank your mama) 🙂 Such fun reading & entertainment!!!!
    keepcalmandwriteon! 🙂

  5. It doesn’t surprise me that my son loves the segways! And, yes, that’s what we thought about when we heard you were riding them (the chimpanzee).


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