Thompson Vacation ABC’s

So in case that didn’t clear everything up for ya, you’re at the right place! 🙂 As you all know, Chris & I just got back from a vacation to the “jewel” of Texas…San Antonio! We had a crazy fun time, and wanted to share all of our adventures & recommendations with you. Hope you know your ABC’s because we’re doing this post up Kindergarten teacher style…

A – Azul: Definitely our favorite (and the best!) show we saw at Sea World. It combined beautiful beluga whales, exotic Pacific white-sided dolphins, colorful birds and acrobatic performers.  There was drama, comedy, and color everywhere…just loved it!

B – RiverBoat: Taking a River Boat Cruise was definitely on my list of to-do’s, in part for sentimental reasons. One of my first memories, if not THE first, is being on one of those barges. I was probably around the age of 3, with my parents, and it’s more like I remember the feeling of being on the water, the dark night, and the bright glow-sticks they sell than the actual experience itself. Chris & I enjoyed it, and it was neat to watch the small children who were on the cruise with us…I hope they’ll remember it one day!

C – Car Ride Shennanigans: We had about a 6 hour ride both to and from SA, so of course there was plenty of fun to be had! Since we can’t agree on music AT ALL (occasionally he will agree to Taylor Swift if he’s getting sleepy or something…) we took advantage of the time together and talked. When we passed through particularly “ethnic” towns we even talked in the appropriate accents (i.e. German in Fredricksburg, Spanish as we entered San Antonio, with a little Asian and Sumo thrown in randomly.) And then, when we ran out of things to talk about, Chris performed a puppet show for me using his feet, socks, and the dash board. He’s very talented.

D – Dog Sitters: Of course we had to make sure that Huxley would be well taken care of while we were away on vacation, and indeed he received excellent care at “The Hotel Gamblino.” (Yes, I did just make that up. He stayed at my parents house.) I was nervous for him, I was nervous for them, and I hated to be leaving him again so quickly. All that worrying for nothing, because everyone did great! Mom sent me text updates with pictures and info on what they had been up to…she is so good right?! When we picked him up he was calm, well fed, and just as happy as could be…Chris couldn’t believe how much he had grown!

E – Evening Gown: Many of you faithful friends & followers know that I love to shop. What you may not know is that I have a  particular weakness for dress shopping. If I find a cute dress, I will buy it and create an event around it, just so that I have somewhere to wear it. Luckily for me I had the perfect excuse to go dress shopping – our fancy anniversary dinner! I found this dress on sale at JCPenney’s and I love it! Chris liked it so much that he didn’t even mind my little shopping trip, and the waiter just kept saying how I was “shining.” (And he was tipped quite nicely for it I might add.) I can’t wait to wear it again to a wedding next week!

F – Fried Ice Cream: Late one night we hit the River Walk in search of a little dessert and found ourselves seated on a little outside patio at “The Naked Iguana.” Fun name right?! Anyway, I ordered the fried ice cream. Pretty standard dessert I thought…but this one surprised me with a twist. It was really more like a big bowl of ice cream with cereal (similiar to frosted flakes), chocolate, and strawberries drizzled over the top. There was something very midnight-snack comforting about it, and I will definitely be trying to replicate it at home!

G – Guadalajara Grill: We wouldn’t have come across this jewel if it weren’t for our SegCity tour guide Morgan. She showed it to us on our tour (we even met the owner!) and told us exactly what to order. So we went back the next day, ordered the mango margarita & molcajete, and ultimately feasted on what was some of the best Mexican food we’ve ever had. The restaurant was charming, the people were great, and it is an absolute must visit if you are ever in San Antonio!

H – Hall of Horns: This is just a fun place to visit, as long as you don’t mind seeing stuffed/mounted animals. 😛 In addition to TONS of deer horns & mounts, there are sections showcasing African animals, polar animals, and sea life. Right now they also have a couple of really fun exhibits on sideshow oddities. We both loved it!

I – Idiot Move of the Day: I noticed that we could check out of our hotel using the T.V. but I was feeling a little confused about exactly how to do it. This is how it went down… Me: “Chris I can’t find the button I’m looking for on the remote.” Chris: “Which one do you need?” Me: “The ‘ME’    ‘NU’ button…what does that even mean?” Chris: “Do you mean the MENU button?” Me: “I’m an idiot.”

J – This is a hard letter. I can’t think of anything. So I’m just ignoring it and I’ll tell you something else I learned about my husband…he loves water parks! We floated in the lazy river for quite a while at Sea World….wonder if my landlords will put one of those around my house?! Then he got me onto the water slides, where we had great fun screaming our lungs out…until I got sick to my stomach. Circles do that to me. 😛

K – King Size Bed: I won’t get all weird on ya’ll here, but can we just all take a collective moment to agree on how BIG king size beds are? It’s like you’ve got your own continent! Chris went on and on about how much he liked it, because he could spread out and I wasn’t “all up in his grill.” 😛 How rude right?! That being said, it’s always nice to come back to your own bed!

L – Lonestar Grill: We stopped here for a quick bite before our Segway tour…it served it’s purpose, but it’s not a restaurant I would necessarily recommend. There are far better places on the Riverwalk to eat…just a thought!

M – Mariachi: I could tell Chris was feeling San Antonio & just enjoying the moment when he agreed to pay a Mariachi band to serenade us for the grand sum of $10 for one song. 🙂 It was so fun!

N – New Ornament: Every year at Christmas my mom gives me an ornament that represents something I’ve done or accomplished in the past year. I love it so much that I’ve started doing it for Chris & I…check out our new ornament!

O – Old Couple in the Elevator: One evening Chris & I step into an elevator (the glass kind that everyone can see inside) right behind an older Hispanic couple. As soon as the door closes the husband literally pounces on his wife & starts kissing / groping her. Oh dear! She is trying to calm him down, but his only response is something like “Oh they can’t understand us anyway!” as he glances over at us. Oh we understood alright…awkward!

P – Pool on Roof: The hotel we stayed at had a pool / hot tub on the roof…we went for a nice afternoon swim & the water felt perfect. I decided that my landlords (aka in-laws) should put a pool on our roof. Pretty please?!

Q – Queen: (This letter was a stretch for me…just go with it!) I really felt like Chris treated me like a queen on our trip. He was such a gentleman the whole time, and we got along super well. I’m a blessed girl!

R – Hyatt Regency: I found a pretty good discount online, so Chris & I were able to stay at the Regency, which is a supa’ nice hotel right on the Riverwalk. Despite having a little bit of trouble figuring out where to park, and then how to leave, it was a great place to stay! The room was beautiful, we had a patio looking out onto the courtyard, and we were able to walk almost everywhere we wanted to go. So all in all I was glad that’s where we stayed…and I learned an important life lesson. Apparently fancy shmancy hotels charge you for EVERYTHING. I mean wow. City occupancy fees, county occupancy fees, state occupancy fees, $25 parking per night, no free WiFi, and if you want to rent a movie that’s going to cost you $16…and that doesn’t even begin to touch the cost to drink the bottle of water they leave in the room or anything from the mini-fridge. We didn’t do anything extra but all the required fees / parking still bumped our bill up about $100 more than I was expecting. Yikes! But that being said, if you ever have some extra cash & are looking for a nice place to stay, this is it!

S – Segcity Segway: By far, taking the Segway tour was the best part of our trip. Chris was anxious at first, and a little miffed at the price for our 2 hour tour…but ultimately he loved it! We had a great guide named Morgan, who was super sweet, patient, and encouraging. After practicing a little in the store, we hit the streets of San Antonio, rockin’ our helmets & segways. Yes, people were looking at us; yes some of them were laughing; and yes, we probably looked like complete dorks…but it still rocked! It took a few minutes to get the hang of it, but soon we were waiting at/crossing at cross walks, posing for pictures next to San Antonio hot spots, and speeding along. We would definitely recommend it to everyone…check out their website to see all the cities they do tours in! (P.S. – I feel another blog coming on about Segways…be ready for that!)

T – Tower of America: This is where we ate for our big anniversary dinner, and we definitely had a nice time. In case you aren’t familiar with the tower, it has a restaurant in it called “The Charter House” that rotates around, so you get a 360 degree view of the city! Obviously the view is great, the food is delish (and expensive!) and the service is wonderful. It’s one of those places where they do everything except spoon feed you. The waiter even gave us a souvenier menu since it was our anniversary. (Sadly this isn’t a place like Chili’s…no free dessert since you’re celebrating something!)

U – Uh…Chris?!: This story had us laughing most of the way home. Chris & I stopped in Brady to get gas & take a restroom break. I went in ahead of him, found the ladies room, and sat down to take care of business. I hear the door open and see someone walk by my stall. Wait…that looked like what Chris is wearing today! I peek under the stall & see shoes in the next stall. Oh no! Those are his shoes! 😛 So I say “Uh…Chris?!” To which he says “Oh my gosh.” And then we both freak out & argue about who is in the wrong bathroom. For the record, it was him. Bahaha!

V – La Villita: Located just a few blocks from the Alamo, La Villita is this little neighboorhood with shaded pathways and historic cottages, along with one very sweet chapel. It is considered to be the historic arts village of San Antonio, and each store can boast that, at minimum, 80% of their merchandise is handmade. Very artsy & fun to shop around!

W – We Are the Ocean: This was the theme of the Shamu Show at Sea World. As Chris said “It went a little hippie on us…” but it was still fun to see Shamu. Between the sappy music they were playing and the introduction of the sweet little (400 + lb.) baby Shamu, I even found myself tearing up a little! You would have too if you would have seen baby Shamu swimming alongside Mama Shamu. 🙂 (By the way, isn’t it strange how they could have like 6 killer whales out there and they all be named Shamu?)

X – Taxi: We took a taxi on our fancy night to the Tower of America’s so that I wouldn’t get all sweaty in my dress. It’s fun that we’re still learning new things about each other, like that Chris had never taken a taxi ride before! 🙂

Y – Year Old Cake: Last year Chris & I decided that instead of saving a piece of our cake to eat on our anniversary, we would just order a new cake in the same flavor to celebrate. However, my dad had a different idea, and he saved some of our original cake. So much to Chris’ dismay, we did take a couple of bites of the old cake (it wasn’t that bad…a little on the dry side) but we also had a new cake made to enjoy. It was delicious!

Z – Zombies: Chris kept bugging me for clues about what I had gotten him (remember the lovebook?) so I gave him a clue that I knew would give nothing away…zombies! There was a random page on the website that said “I would love you even if you were a zombie!” (Weird I know, but I like random things.) When he opened it he kept wanting to know where the zombies were, and when he found it he definitely got a kick out of it.


So there ya go. Sorry it was such a long post…I’m starting to feel bad about that. I pledge to you that the next couple of posts will NOT be this long. I guess I’ve just been making up for all the lost time. 🙂

Hope I gave you guys some new vacation ideas & a couple of laughs…since I’ve got a sleeping puppy I think I’m going to go accomplish something around the house. Happy hump day!

P.S. – Don’t you love how the lady who took that last pic lined me up just perfectly so that I would look like a Vegas show girl with a plant on my head?! Thanks a lot lady!


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3 thoughts on “Thompson Vacation ABC’s

  1. Love it! I hope Raul and I have the money to take a “second/first” honeymoon for our anniversary

  2. Stephanie

    I love reading your blogs! You are a great writer! My favorite lettet in your alphabet soup is, letter “U” I could not stop laughing I’m glad you won that argument! Lol Write on and be blessed!

  3. Hey,
    Under “N” I noticed that we have something in common. I get a new ornament for my tree every year that represents something that I have done or has occurred in my life that year. It is a tradition that I hope to continue. It sounds like you guys had a great time. Thank you for sharing all the fun!


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