Live, Laugh, Love

Why hello there…bet you thought I forgot about you, didn’t ya?! So sorry about that!  No worries, I was just out of town and out of touch enjoying a nice little “second honeymoon” with the husband. You guys & the land of blogs weren’t far from my mind though, so we kept a list of all the fun things we did, yummy places we ate, and crazy things we saw. I’ve spent days crafting my next blog, to be entitled “Thompson Vacation ABC’s”…but as you can see, this isn’t it. 😦  I’m having a little trouble uploading all the pics I want to share, so in between ripping through drawers looking for a cable & calling Chris to complain, I decided to take my own advice…KEEP CALM! So please forgive me once more, and please come back tomorrow, because I’ve got loads of goodness to share.

In the meantime, I thought I would take a little walk down memory lane (movie style) in honor of the 1 year anniversary Chris & I just celebrated. He will play himself, I will play me, and you guys will play the audience. Oh, and I will speak in the 3rd person…bascially because I think it’s fun to do. Got it?! Camera rolling in your head? Good…Action!

January 2008…

Picture a slightly depressed, 20 pounds thinner, lonely Heather who gets invited to a single’s bible study & finally works up the courage to go. Insert a sweaty, tired Chris who came straight to bible study from the gym because he wasn’t expected a new girl to be there. Chris experiences love at first sight, Heather is just happy to have human interaction.

February 2008…

Bible study fun continues, add group outings to the mix. Chris still has stars in his eyes for Heather; Heather tells her mom that “the main guy who goes to bible study” just “isn’t quite my type.”

March 2008…

Chris works up the courage to ask Heather out on a date….via text. (Oh yes he did.) Heather agrees, (what the heck right?!) not knowing that she’s about to go on her last first date. (*Cue a lot of sniffles & “awh”s here…) To help you get a more accurate picture in your head, here is the first picture we took together…

But back to the story. Over the next year and half, Heather & Chris have this easy, fun, pretty drama free courtship. Heather meets his fam at a “surprise” lunch…meaning he didn’t tell her that they would be there…and Chris makes the trip down to Bangs to meet basically the whole family / town at Mayfest. There’s lots of laughs, adventures, talking, and learning about each other. Oh and did I mention Heather put on about 10 pounds from having someone to share meals with?! (Got that new mental image in your head?!)

Looks like fun huh?! That’s because it was! Chris & Heather discovered that they had a lot of the BIG, IMPORTANT things in common, like faith, a love for family, & beliefs on what it would take to make their relationship last. This was balanced with their differences in the smaller, more surface level things, like a complete disagreeance on what is considered music, different hobbies, etc. A little bit of opposites attract personality-wise, but it works for them. It’s kind of like how you need both salt and pepper to season your meal…life is just more fun when you spice it up a bit!

November 2009…

After ring shopping together, Chris asking Heather’s dad (or to be more accurate Heather’s FAMILY) for permission to marry her, and tricking Heather into buying her own engagement picnic meal, Chris was ready to pop the question. (Setting: beautiful Clark Gardens, crisp fall day, quiet spot,  & yummy picnic…insert a hunky guy & you’ve got the right idea!)

When proposal time came, Chris (for what was probably the first time in his life!) was a man of few words. “Heather Gamblin, will you marry me?”

I’m guessing that by this picture & the fact that this blog exists you know that she said YES! And so began the long awaited, much anticipated wedding planning process. Heather had a plan for every detail, a sweet Momma to help make it all happen, and a wonderful time with the whole experience. Chris was just happy to be engaged and could care less about details, then decided to care, then decided not to again when he discovered that too many decisions had already been made for him to have much say. (That’s usually the way it goes right?!) For the most part he was a great sport about everything,  posing for silly thank you cards and everything. But even the best groom can get worn out with all the fuss, as you’ll see below.

June 2010…

The big day arrives at last! (This is the best kind of girly-movie because it has lots of love & a happy ending…or “to be continued” in this case.)  As all the planning for the Thompson-Gamblin wedding came together, a theme emerged…”Live, Laugh, Love”…because it completely encompassed what Chris & Heather shared. Since “a picture says a thousand words,” let’s continue this script with photos from that day…

*Before the ceremony Chris & Heather had a “first look” moment to ease pre-ceremony jitters and take care of pictures in advance. This is what Chris looked like when he first laid eyes on his bride!

Now that we’ve got all the tears out of the way, the bride & groom are ready to tie the knot & celebrate their love with everyone!

After a beautiful ceremony (with a few laughs caused by the groom) it’s official & sealed with a kiss!

Then, after cake & punch & lots of well wishes, it was bon voyage for 7 days, then home to MW to move into their first home! What a wonderful story right?! Now I know what you’re saying…”Can we watch/read it again?!” Well of course you can, it’ll be right here waiting for you whenever you’re in need of a good, real-life love story. 😉


Now I’m going to step out of third person (for those of you who just took a sigh of relief, you can relax, I won’t try that again anytime soon…) and share a few thoughts on our first year of marriage, because of course the story didn’t really stop there. I have been so blessed to have the love of a man who is willing to get up every morning and work at our marriage, to communicate with me, to protect me, to provide for me, and to partner with me. I have found someone with whom I can truly share my joys, my burdens, my thoughts, my hopes, my worries, my fears, my everything. I feel cherished, respected, and needed. Although we have faced some tough challenges this year, I have been pleasantly surprised by how easy it has been to adjust to sharing our life together as husband and wife, and I am so proud of us for the home we work each day to create. We don’t always see eye to eye, we don’t always use the best manners with one another, and we are far from perfect…but we try to be gracious of one another’s faults and give one another the benefit of the doubt. And if I wake up knowing only one thing beyond that he loves me, it is that my day will be filled with lots of laughter. He can always make me laugh…and I love that about him. 🙂

I have just honest to goodness been blessed beyond measure, and I am so excited to see where our next year of marriage takes us! With so many friends of ours getting married & thinking about their own big day, I’ve just been more and more reminded that while the wedding is a big deal, it’s the marriage afterwards that is what counts. That’s where the truest, most meaningful joy is found, that’s where the real effort is required, that’s where you have the potential to have many, many “best days of your life.”

So to each of you who sent Chris & I well wishes for our anniversary, thank you! And I would pray that each and every one of you has the blessing, either now or in the future, of a marriage full of life, love, and laughter!


P.S. I’m sad to say that for those of you wanting a more current pic in your head, you’ll need to add an additional 10-15 pounds to the initial number. Yikes. Apparently that’s another thing a happy marriage will get ya. Oops!

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5 thoughts on “Live, Laugh, Love

  1. aleshathornton

    Beautiful entry (sniffle, sniffle). You’ve always been a fantastic writer 🙂

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