Did I shave my legs for this?!

Oh wait…I didn’t. But more on that later. ; )

T.G.I.F. – I’m back!! It is so good to see all of you in blog land again (as strange as that concept sounds…), so thanks for stopping by! I hope all of you had a sweet week & that you got a chance to enjoy some of the rain we were blessed enough to get. I’ve got kind of a lot to cover today, so we’ll get right to it.

The most obvious topic of conversation for today is camp. All week I kept thinking that I should be writing down all of the wild conversations I had, crazy things kids said, or just weird situations we found ourselves in. But, I didn’t. And now my brain is mush. So what I will say is…

1) I worked with a great group of teachers as facilitators and our director was awesome, so that always makes for a great week!

2) I worked with 50 (then later, 49…homesickness claimed 1) junior high kids ranging from 5th – 7th grade. And I’m not just talking typical junior high kids. These are the ones who lean towards GT (if they aren’t full blown) and are a bit on the nerdy side. (And I can say that because I totally respect that and would have gone to a camp like this myself when I was a kid. Oh wait…I did. Medical camp.)

3) That being said, the funniest overall observation was how these kids try to fit every high-level vocabulary word they know into every sentence they say. I mean really. That and how their brain works requires such specificity and clarification. Take this example: “I didn’t raise my hand when he asked who was slightly nervous because it’s really more like I am extremely nervous. I didn’t feel like I fit into the parameters he gave.”

4) Beyond that, there were just so many outlandish, crazy, and even brilliant comments that came out of these kids mouths. Definitely never a dull moment!

5) I was without my cell phone or internet for the whole week, and could only talk to my husband for a very few minutes each night. Besides that I was with the kids 24/5. Hard at times, but I survived!

I so appreciate the opportunity EIA gives teachers each summer to work with kids & earn some extra moolah…it’s hard to be away from home, but it’s always nice to make new friends & see new sights!

I’m sure many of you out there are wondering how the husband & Huxley survived the week without me. The brief phone calls we did have each evening became more and more frustrated on Chris’ part as the week went on, with his concluding comment when he knew I was on my home being “I’ll be so glad when you are home so that I can disappear for a week.” He did keep the house nice & straight though, doing dishes & even starting some laundry. Good man.

By the time I finally made it through the crazy traffic & pulled into the garage, I was stomping at the bit to get inside to my boys. This is the sweet image I came home to…

Okay well not quite. This sweet baby is my niece A…love that girl. She visited us last weekend & decided to try out being a puppy for the evening. She is cute, whether she’s acting like a puppy or like a real girl.

What I really came home to was a frazzled husband and a wet dog who clawed his way over to me, only to bark and nip and jump all over me. Happy to see you too Hux. And this was the picture that continued for the next 3 hours. I had a front row seat to the show my husband had been telling me about…one “crazy a” puppy who was acting like a holy terror, or as one who is demon possessed. Take your pick. Eventually I did get him to chill some & saw a small glimpse of the wee pup I left 5 days ago…but there is no telling how he’ll act when he stays at my parent’s this weekend. Yikes.

(*Oh, and one more thing…he has GROWN. He feels heavier for sure, I can’t wait till our next vet visit to see what he weighs in at!)


Another thing I came home to was an anniversary gift from my in-laws…how fun right?! I had given Debbie this fabric, along with free reign to do with it as she saw fit, so long as it was for the kitchen. This is what she came up with, and I couldn’t have been happier!

A table runner, 4 placemats, 2 potholders, 4 coasters, 2 drink koozies & a bag…all made of the yellow fruit fabric I gave her! Love it! But wait, there’s more…

An apron! She knows how I have this thing with aprons, so she made me an adorable one to hang in the kitchen. Lovely! Oh, and one more thing…

A book! She knows me too well…I love to read books, especially Christian books that help guide you in marriage and such. I’ll let you guys know how this one goes once we’ve read through it! Thanks Debbie – you’re the best!


Speaking of gifts, I thought I’d let you guys in on a little secret. You can keep a secret right?! Since my sweet husband doesn’t subscribe to my blog (which is very dangerous to him, but helpful to me in times like this) I decided to tell you guys what I got him for our anniversary! Tomorrow we are taking a “2nd Honeymoon” to San Antonio for a few days, and I couldn’t be more excited about this past year, or the one to come, or the truly wonderful marriage we are building.

For a while now I’ve been getting e-mail coupons and such for a web-page called http://www.lovebooksonline.com, and I’ve always wanted to try it out…so I finally did! Basically you choose a cover, then either edit or create pages for your book using their stick figure template. Very fun, and since the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper it is very perfect. I won’t be showing you every page, mostly because there are over 100, but also because some of them are a bit on the personal side. I’m working to keep it “G” on this blog. At least most of the time anyway.

So without further ado, here it is!

Sorry that the pics aren’t the best clarity…those are my toes you see in the bottom of a couple of the pics holding the book open. 🙂 I can’t wait for Chris to open this & read over 100 things I love about him. I think he’ll be surprised by how accurate they are! Just take the pics above…he really does laugh (loudly!) in his sleep and he really doesn’t have any room in the master bedroom closet (his clothes are in the guest bedroom closet).

So YES, you should go on over to http://www.lovebookonline.com and create a book for someone you love. The one I got is hard cover w/ an illustration printed on each page…w/ over 100 pages and cost about $40 to make and ship. Tell them I referred you! (That won’t get either of us anything, it just makes me feel important.)


Before I peel myself away from the computer & all the dvr shows I’m trying to catch up on, we’ve got one more order of business to cover. (*Refer now to the title of this post now.) Besides kissing my husband and playing with my puppy, there was one other thing that had me driving as fast as the law would allow…one other thing that had me thinking maybe I should be spending my money on something other than our upcoming vacation. That one other thing was hair that needed tending, and that something I should be spending my money on is laser hair removal.

Shaving my legs in those little camp shower stalls was just not happening. I’ve tried it once before, and it was not pretty. You would have thought that I would have perfected that skill by now, but no. In a normal week I get pretty annoyed with shaving, proven by another page in the book. (Trust me though, my legs don’t actually get anywhere near that bad.)

As if that isn’t bad enough, I am in desperate need of a good eyebrow plucking. That is an essential part of my beauty regime, as any of you who knew me when I had a couple of bushy hedges growing on my forehead will well understand. (I’m not exaggerating. When I started plucking my brows it completely changed the way my face looked.) But alas, I forgot my tweezers, so add the brows to the list.

Sadly, we’re not done yet. For some reason I have yet to understand, when I turned 25 those fine little hairs above my lip decided to make their presence known. So now I have to add lip-waxing to the list. I always know it’s time when I catch Chris looking at my ‘stache instead of my eyes when I talk to him. It’s great. So my question is….When will it end?!


Bet you didn’t know when you subscribed to my blog that you would be privy to such personal details of my life huh?! Well don’t even bother looking, there isn’t an “UNsubscribe” button. And don’t act like you don’t have to wax your lip either. I’m no fool to the ways of the world. Until the next time we meet…


P.S. – Does anyone else have Deana Carter’s song stuck in their head now?! That’s just a little special bonus I threw in there for you today… 😛

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6 thoughts on “Did I shave my legs for this?!

  1. Oneta Hightower

    I love your blog Heather. You missed your calling. You should have been a writer.

  2. Bunny Keeney

    Heather you need to write a book. You are just to funny. Love you

  3. I am so glad you like the things I came up with for the fabric. I just kept thinking and thinking. There was a lot of fabric! It was fun though….

    Glad you are home safe and sound. Have a great anniversary weekend. Drive safely, and we’ll chat when you get home!
    Love you, Debbie

    P.S……With your ending, I thought of the Karate Kid movie when Mr. Meogie is teaching Daniel….. “Wax on, Wax off……Wax on, Wax off.” LOL

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