Happy Father’s Day everyone! (And a special shout out to the only subscribee who is a dad…my father-in-law Dan! You raised one great kid, if I do say so myself!) Hopefully each of you got to squeeze a father today, if not your own then maybe the father of your children. In my case it was the “father” of my dog. (The human father, not the actual dog father. That would have just been awkward.)

This post was inspired A) by my father, B) by twitter, and C) by Jimmy Fallon. Potentially the first and last time I have been inspired by a late-night talkshow host. Now it should be said that I’m not a “tweeple” (or person who uses twitter) and I don’t know much about “tweetiquette” (proper use of twitter), but I did use google to find a twitter dictionary. I probably need a tweetorial on the twerminology.

But back to Jimmy. A few days ago he tweeted “#that’s my dad,” which then prompted all the tweeterboxes out there to tweet back with funny responses about their own fathers. I thought it was twitter-ific and wanted to give it a try, even though I’m a twewbie. (Are you following all this?!)

Here goes nothing – this is for you Dad! (Even though you did specifically ask that I never blog about you. Twoops!)


He is so proud when he can dress himself entirely for less than $10…even though he’s wearing clothes 2 or 3 times his size. #that’smydad

The last time I bought new glasses he couldn’t stop laughing because he thought they were a joke. They weren’t. #that’smydad

One of my favorite hobbies is to do things that makes him shake his head and cough *loser* at me. He thinks I’m such a nerd, but he loves me anyway! #that’smydad

He once told me that nothing good happens over 50 miles per hour. #that’smydad

When I talk too much he never says a word. He just turns up the volume on the radio/tv/whatever is handy. #that’smydad

One time I saw him silence his cell phone by opening and shutting it. I had to tell him that he’d just hung up on someone. #that’smydad

I once saw him convince an entire class of high schoolers that when he was a kid he had a guard monkey who sat on the fence and shot a little pop gun at anyone who walked by. #that’smydad

When I was in Ag, he kicked me off of the Ag Mechanic team. And the Livestock judging team. I was that bad. #that’smydad

He came to my basketball games, even though he couldn’t understand why I would rather just let them have the ball than draw a foul for it. #that’smydad

When we were shopping for my first car, he convinced me to turn down a Ford Focus that I didn’t really want anyway. The next day he bought me a Mustang. #that’smydad

Everytime I needed help moving, he was there. When I moved to MW he told me that the next time I needed a man of my own to help me. Even though I found one, he still helped us move. #that’smydad

The worst “grounding” I received in high school was when I let the goat’s water bucket go dry. That’s just about the maddest I’ve seen him get. #that’smydad

I bought my parents handkerchiefs for my wedding. Afterwards Mom’s was still pressed and pretty. Dad’s was crumpled and wet with tears. #that’smydad

Right after high school graduation I made a series of very poor choices. Although he was disappointed, I felt his love come through stronger than ever, just when I needed it most. #that’smydad

This past spring I was worried that I might lose my job. My dad, who doesn’t like to talk on the phone, talked to me pretty much everyday, giving me advice and encouragement. #that’smydad

Something about him always makes me cry when I’m on the edge. The most memorable time was when he was hugging me through the concession stand window while I cried about how hard my first year of teaching/living alone was. #that’smydad

Every time I come home he checks my car before I leave. This last time he caught a tire going flat. He tried to pay to fix it, but I didn’t let him. #that’smydad

He can sometimes be quiet and likes to act gruff, but what I love about him is that he’s really very funny and a sweetie. #that’smydad

He cannot believe that I help Chris mow the lawn. He always said that the fastest way to get housework done was to try to get me to go do work outside…I’d get busy fast! #that’smydad

When Chris asked for my hand in marriage, he faced the “firing squad” during an hour long interview led by my dad. #that’smydad

He acts like Mom & Caleb & I gang up on him, but his smirk shows that he knows he instigates a lot of the “trouble.” #that’smydad

When I was a child and in trouble, he only had to reach for his belt to straighten me up. I appreciate the way he taught and disciplined me. #that’smydad

He was the first man to love me, to make me laugh, to take care of me. #that’smy dad

He works hard at work to provide for our family and hard at the house to give us a beautiful home. #that’smydad

He has always refused to argue with my mom. I’ve never seen them have a fight. He taught me how to have a relaxed home and get along with others. #that’smydad

He has always supported me and pushed me to do my best. He stood up for me when I needed it. #that’smydad

He is a big part of who I am today. The way he lives his life sets an example to me and makes me proud. #that’smydad

Because of him I have no trouble understanding or embracing the love of God the father. He has always shown me unconditional love. #that’smydad


So yeah, he’s pretty wonderful. There is so much more I could say, but I’m pretty sure I’d get in twouble if I put all of his funny stories out on the world wide web. He’s as good as they come, and I think it will be so cool that my kids will have him as a grandpa. (Don’t start a twumor…the baby days are not in the near future or anything!)

Happy Father’s Day Daddy! I love you always!

*Psst…Mom and/or Caleb…go get Dad and make him read my blog. Tell him he owes me for saying such sweet things. 😛

His first look at me all dolled up on my wedding day…as usual, he made me cry! (Not on purpose of course, he just does that to me!)

Here he is telling me to dry it up. He lets me cry when I need to, he’s just not exactly sure what to do with it. 🙂

Right before he walked me down the aisle…his last words to me before the ceremony were “Oklahoma?!” (Which was the code word for “I don’t want to go through with this, get me out of here!”) All I could do was giggle and say “No Oklahoma Daddy…)

I know Dad…I thought that post was pretty twabulous too. Aren’t you glad I’m your daughter?! (Mom, give Dad a hug for me!)


P.S…Want to twag (aka brag) on your dad? Post a comment & add the hashtag “#that’smydad”…let’s get some twaffic going on my blog!

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6 thoughts on “#that’smydad

  1. I only wish I could have said all those things about my dad, however, he’s the Dad that God gave me and I’m very thankful for that. If I didn’t have him for a Dad, then I wouldn’t have had you as a daughter-in-law! SO, thanks Dad (and Mom) , and especially my heavenly Father, for allowing me to be born and have such great in-law children! #he’smydad………. 😉

    P.S…… I’m so proud of Chris and how he “turned out”. Give him a hug for me, and tell him I love him too!

  2. Ok…so, you know that somehow, Bizzy’s log in was on instead of mine…..Sorry about that…. Debbie

  3. Leesa Stephens

    Heather, this is one of the most beautiful tributes I have ever read. I just can see Ricky in all of these tributes. You are SOOOOOOO blessed to have the wonderful, godly parents that you do. (Of course, I think they are very lucky to have such a wonderful daughter.!! If they are ever mean to you, I’ll take you–and Chris–in a New York Minutes!!!)

  4. Thank you Leesa! (It feels a little weird to call you that…is it okay if I do?) It was fun to write and the perfect way to tell him how I feel without making it to mushy gushy for him. 🙂

    Debbie, I’m happy that you got to experience a good daddy through your husband! and children!

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