Bringin’ Home the Bacon

Tune in your senses…Can you hear the sizzle? Can you feel the grease? Can you smell the yummy aroma rising from the pan?

My dog didn’t need any of those things. I literally sat down in the floor with an unopened bag of the bacon beggin’ strips and he went HOG WILD. He was climbing over me, clawing at the bag, and licking his chops like crazy.

All of this from a dog who has never actually tasted bacon.

Immediately I realized the power I now held. He will literally beg for bacon. (No false advertising there folks!)  He practically performed a one-dog circus show just to get a small piece of it. I love it.

What I do find curious about bacon is the fascination, the almost rock-star status it holds with humans and dogs alike. Don’t believe me?

*Log onto your facebook account and search “bacon”…893,606 hit their like button for it, and there are entire pages dedicated to it.

*Check out for a blog dedicated to sharing bacon recipes…the most recent of which is for bacon CANDY.

*Want to live off of bacon in the event of an apocolypse? Buy it canned at

*To see crazy products that will definitely make you scratch your head and say “Huh?!” go to …it’s just weird.

*And finally, I will admit that I have been tempted to put together a bacon-themed gift basket from products found at …where you can find goodies like bacon bubbles, a bacon boardgame, bacon flavored envelopes, bacon soap, and bacon floss…among many other bacon inspired products.

But all that silliness aside, Huxley doesn’t really care who brings home the bacon. He just cares that it gets brought. 🙂


Speaking of Huxley, I thought I’d post a few new pics of “All Things Huxley…” it’s just a few, so humor me.

Eating all that bacon does cause one to worry a bit about what the ol’ scales are going to say. Hux has gained almost a pound since moving in with us! He’s gonna be a healthy one…

This was taken at my parent’s house. He was rockin the jersey…but knowing what he knows now he probably would want to change that orange bone to a slice of bacon. He’s a handsome fellow!

Due to his uncanny ability to channel both a badger (showing the teeth) and a puma (making a strange growling sound) while trying to herd us, we have been forced to create a time-out area. We tryed to do the whole “ignore him, leave the room, withdraw attention” thing, but he was left in a room full of other things to turn his attention on. Now he’ll have less distractions and will hopefully think about what he’s done. 😛

For those of you who have been reading for a while, you may remember the memo we sent to Huxley regarding his biting. Needless to say, the situation has not improved. Hence the bitter cherry spray. It smells sweet, it tastes bitter, and it is now being sprayed on everything he tries to bite that we don’t want him to…which is mostly our toes. Works like a charm.


So there you are! It’s getting close to dinner time, so if you are looking for ideas on what to cook, may I recommend something with bacon? Maybe try breakfast for dinner, a BLT, or a bacon burger…or take a walk on the wild side and look up an unusual bacon recipe to test out on your family. Let me know how that works out for ya! 😉


P.S….dessert anyone?!

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