Honey, We’re Home!

Today, after a nice visit with the fam for a few days, I loaded up my 1 bag and Huxley’s 2 bags, crate, big pillow, and travel case. He’s flirting dangerously with puppy diva syndrome. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were to start sending ahead a list of everything he’ll need to be comfortable during his stay like the stars do. (Good luck with that…I don’t see my Dad being very accommodating in that manner…)

When we got home my husband was very happy to see us…for the first 10 minutes. Then we got a vet diagnosis that sent us both into an itchy fervor, and I reminded him that he’s going to have to help me treat a little medical issue of my own. At that point he decided that he was actually doing pretty well without us, and that perhaps it would be best for us to go back to my parents. Too bad for him – we’re here to stay. But instead of starting at the end, let’s just get all the dirty details and start at the beginning.

Monday: went to vet for booster shot, hearworm medicing, flea/tick medicine, general check-up…Hux was itchy, but we blamed the fleas.

Tuesday: went to Bangs, met the fam, pooped in living room floor…Hux was itchy, Dad was mad that I brought fleas in the house

Wednesday: lazy day at home, pooped in bedroom floor, nipped at brother…Hux was itchy, tried to divert attention with toys

Thursdsay: more scratching/gnawing at legs, slept most of day because of worm medicine…Hux was itchy, we noticed 2 bald spots on his head (one near each ear) and more under his arms / on his belly…(*insert lots of me starting to fret at this point!)

Which brings us to today. I decided to start my day off with a healthy dose of google, plugging in phrases such as “puppy hair loss,” “pupply bald patches,” and “puppy rogaine.” Bad, bad idea.

It should be said that I should know better. I always get myself in trouble when I start googling / WebMd-ing my medical issues. My “favorite” (that’s probably not the best word to use in this context)  illnesses to diagnose myself with are spinal meningitis and hyper-thyroidism. It’s not that I want either; those two just tend to freak me out the most! I always refer to my thyroid as a ticking time bomb, my generational curse. My Pappy had problems, my Mom has problems, and everytime some weird medical thing happens to me they always want to test my thyroid. I even inadvertantly convinced Chris that I did indeed have problems, so he was very confused when it came out that I actually didn’t. Oops.

But back to Huxley. In my search I came across a sight called PetMD (dangerous…a new favorite on my internet links!) and plugged in my search phrase. Up popped my results, and shivers went down my spine. Puppy thyroid problems (NO! Not him too!)…Ringworm…Cancer… Dermatitis…Bacterial Infection…Skin Disease…Sarcoptic Mange…Parasites…Ulcers…Tumors…OH THE HORRORS!!! So I did what I always do. I called the doctor and scheduled an appointment. I’m just a baby like that.

As she looked him over we keep hearing a lot of “oh” and “hum….” and “well look at that.” Basically all of the things that make you feel even more nervous than you were to begin with. She took a “scraping” (which is exactly what it sounds like) to look at under the microscope, which Hux handled like a champ. Then she came in with the diagnosis. Sarcoptic Mange.

Now is about the time in the blog when you should start feeling itchy. Go ahead and scratch. I am. This type of mange is caused by mites that tunnel into the skin. They are beyond itchy, the worst of all mites. They cause dogs to scratch so hard that their hair falls out. And they are highly contagious to both other dogs and humans.

Of course they are.

So here’s where we’re at. Hux has a month’s worth of expensive medicine. He will probably lose more hair & experience even itchier moments in the days to come. Our house & all of his things are undergoing a sanitization process. And as for the humans who have been exposed…we just have to watch for a red rash accompanied by lots of itchiness. At which point we would have to go to the doctor to be treated for mange. Lovely.

The good news is that the vet said we caught it fast. Surprisingly fast in fact. I told her it wasn’t really all that surprising since we follow and bathe and dote over this little guy as though he might disinigrate if took our eyes off of him. Hopefully we’ll get a handle on it fast & save him as much pain and bother as possible.

I am now looking for a big box in case Chris goes crazy with phantom itches and kicks us out of the house. 😛 I think it’s going to take a lot of sweet talking to get my parents to let us back in their house before this is cleared up…so Hux & I may become gypsies.

Oh, and what was wrong with me you ask? Well it’s not the mange…I don’t think I have that yet. But I was bit by a blister bug on the back of my neck…which left me with a big blister that I can’t reach. That means more doctoring responsibilities fall to my caring husband…he’ll be my official band-aid man.

What a day, what a day. Hux is asleep, I think I’ll do the same. We are both in need of a new day.


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2 thoughts on “Honey, We’re Home!

  1. Benedryl may become your new best friend if you get itchy and stay itchy after treatment.

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