Won’t you be my neighbor?

Rise and shine blog land! This morning, as Hux and I chilled outside enjoying a few fleeting moments of comfortable temperatures in Texas, I caught up on my favorite blog. Today Katie (@www.marriageconfessions.com)was sharing a few of her must reads with all of her ‘imaginary friends’ in blog land. Now before everyone who actually knows me starts squealing with excitement, no, I was not one of them. BUT, she just may stop by today (and perhaps a few of her imaginary friends too…) so naturally I’m doing what we girls always do when we know someone new is coming over. Cleaning house, putting fresh flowers in the table (metaphorically speaking!) and baking cookies. (Those are not metaphorical. A girl needs breakfast.)

So, if you are new here, then welcome! I’m still new to blogging, and you’ve come at the perfect time to get in on the fun! Check out my first post to see why I decided to blog, my about me to get the scoop on what I’m about, and then just browse around! My philosophy for blogging has developed into nothing short if the way I run my kindergarten classroom, which is ‘If I can wiggle them, giggle them, or gross them out, then I’ve got their attention. So I hope you
experience a few eyebrow wiggles, a couple of giggle snorts,
and that you forgive me when I gross you out. (Although I
must admit, my readers do seem to love being grossed out.
‘Poop in my Purse’ was my most popular submission!)

Please take off your shoes, get comfortable, and stay awhile!
Come back anytime!


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6 thoughts on “Won’t you be my neighbor?

  1. Haha, I laugh as a I read this! I just happened upon your site from MC! I’m a new blogger myself, and always on the lookout for other (new) blogs! Very cute site!

  2. Leesa Stephens

    As I listen to your advice on how to deal with kindergarteners, I find that the same principles apply to high school seniors! Maybe you and I should co-author a book about both ends of the education spectrum. LOL. Have a blessed day.

  3. Sorry for the weird spacing at the end…trying to edit from an iPhone presented some new challenges for me. That’s what I get for being so overcome with excitement that I didn’t even take time to turn on my computer. :p

  4. I think that works on just about anyone not just the kiddos!


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