Besides…I just like having you around.

Hello all! Greetings from good ol’ Bangs, TX! 🙂 Huxley and I came to my parents for a few days to hang out & spend time with the fam. (I’m also trying to break them in because I sweet talked them into keeping him when we go to San Antonio at the end of the month!)

I wanted to share something special today, something that struck me as so sweet and loving, something that brought a tear to my eye and a blessing to my heart. You see, Mom had brought home a suitcase from Pappy’s to sort through. What a treasure box it ended up being! It is full of mementoes Pappy saved throughout the years, dating back to when her own parents were alive & well and she was raising her own children. Newspaper clippings, greeting cards, notes…just anything that caught her fancy or showcased her family. It shows such a legacy of the type of people she and my Papa were – good, caring, friendly, sentimental, and of the life and love that they shared. He passed away just short of 12 years ago, a few months before they were to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. As a custom harvestor, she was his helpmate…something he understood and appreciated.

In the suitcase I found this letter, among other notes and cards that he wrote  her. It struck me as so simple and sweet, and I can’t help but think that words like this are one of the reasons they made their marriage such a wonderful one.


Dear Patsy,

Please get well as I am no good at cooking, ironing, dusting, going after parts, going after cow medicine,  seeing about cows without you, mopping, sweeping, washing dishes, washing clothes, mending socks, and lots of other things around the house.

These walls don’t talk to me either.

Besides, I just like having you around.

I love you very much,



To me, that’s what marriage is about. Having someone to share your days with, your burdens with, your thoughts with. Having someone who makes your days better, someone you appreciate and love very much. It’s about being that same type of person for your spouse, and affirming them with your words and actions. It’s the kind of marriage Chris & I work to have, and I look forward to growing old with him just as Pappy & Papa were able to share so many years together. And that’s why I’m glad they are together again. I don’t know what he first said to her when she entered the gates of heaven that day, but maybe among them were the words “Patsy, I just like having you around.” What a sweet love they shared.


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3 thoughts on “Besides…I just like having you around.

  1. Kathleen

    I really wish I could have met Grandpa Ray…seems like there’s alot of him running through everyone in that family. Love y’all!!

    • That’s a good way to say it…he was definitely a special man. I know he would have enjoyed getting to know you…we’re so glad you’re a part of the fam! Love ya’ll too!

  2. Debbie Thompson

    How sweet it that! Dan and I have kept every note (even the small ones written on a message tablet from work) we have written to each other. We even have the letters we wrote to one another before we really started dating (I was about 15 years old). I am praying that those letters will mean something to one of my kids, knowing that Dan and I really LIKED each other first, but were very much in love with each other. Thanks for sharing your grandparents with us! Love you!


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