There’s no such thing as the “Boogie Man”…

But there are such things as sexual predators.

….Welcome to a conversation I had with my husband. Really nice subject matter right?! We were having a discussion about who would get up with the dog if he woke up in the middle of the night (which is usually somewhere around 4 a.m.) and I was trying to explain why I really needed it to be him. I said I just wasn’t that comfortable getting up and going outside by myself at that time of night…I’ve just never been a big fan of the dark, or what might be HIDING in the dark. So how does he comfort me? By planting the seed of sexual predators in my mind. Smooth move. 😉

In other news…

*I have an ulcer. Again. The 5th one in a month. It hurts.

*Yesterday after work Chris’ truck wouldn’t start…boo. So we had to have it towed & now it is sitting at the mechanic’s shop. I’m posting this blog early & trying to accomplish everything I need to do around the house so that hopefully as soon as it is fixed & ready to go I can get my car back from the husband and go see my fam.

*Speaking of the fam…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE BROTHA! He’s not so little anymore…22 now & about to graduate from college. He is the coolest brother I could ask for – laid back, funny, & we get along really great. *Love*Love*Love him!

*And finally, Chris has finally made some progress in the training area with Huxley. After observing them and thinking about what works for me, I told him he might need to use a stronger, more succinct voice. So now all I hear around my house is Chris’ booming game-show host voice directing Hux here and there and everywhere. I wish you all could hear it, because he seriously could host a game-show with that kind of tone. And I have a feeling that if it keeps working then I’m going to be hearing a lot more of that silliness… 🙂

So there ya go! I think I’m going to peruse the internet a bit & gather some info on all the places I want to take Chris for our anniversary trip to San Antonio. If you’ve got any spots you would recommend just send ’em my way!


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