Happy Sunday! Our day has been really nice & blessed…hope your has too! Chris & I tried out a new church today (very small, very traditional Baptist) where everyone was super welcoming. The preacher & youth ministers and their families even took us out to lunch afterwards – nice right?! I’m still kind of processing what kind of a fit it would be for us, so not ready to write about that just quite yet.

After puppy playtime & naps for all, we went and visited my old neighbors (old meaning they aren’t my neighbors anymore, but they did just celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary!) Bill & Carolyn. They took really good care of me when I was a single girl living alone in my apartment, keeping me well fed & entertained. It had been too long since we went to see them, so we loaded up Huxley & went a visitin’. When we got there we were surprised by a VERY BIG dog, comparable to a bear cub, who liked like he would use our dog as a chew toy. Luckily for ALL of us (especially Hux) their beast of a dog was very sweet & lazy…so even though Huxley didn’t venture too far from Chris, he wasn’t in any danger.

Now for today’s fun…I’ve been thinking that it might be interesting to take screen shots of my IPhone Apps & recommend a few of my favs to all my blog friends. Then you can comment back to me with a few of your favorite apps. (*WARNING: I do occasionally buy apps. Generally only for 99 cents, but keep that in mind.)

I didn’t include my home screen…because I didn’t change it much from the original screen. I did move a few things around and added Facebook & Words with Friends. (Check me out at Mrs.HRT!)

So with no further adieu (am I used that correctly?), here we go!

Starting at the top, from left to right…

Talking Gina – a giraffe who you can play pattycake with & will mimick your voice (**)

Bubble Shooter – good ol’ arcade game (***)

Hangman – the traditional adult version, kind of don’t like how the app button has the grim reaper on it, but the game is fun (***)

LunchBox – was supposed to be for my niece, but she always exits out and plays something of mine…go figure (**)

Oregon Trail – what a flashback! I loved the computer game, and the app is just as good..but it was a sad day when my daughter was swooped up by a hawk, never to return again. (*****)

Where’s Wald0 – I liked the idea of it, but it’s actually really, really hard. I generally give up. (***)

Bubble – it’s bubble wrap – you press, it pops…good stress relief! (****)

Living Earth – this one was a shoutout to my Dad…It literally just lets you see the earth, pull in closer to what you want to see, & tells you the time and temperature (*)

Toobz – my brother downloaded this one…I’ve never actually played it, but it does look fun…get the free version first (*)

Game Center – standard with IPhone, I just moved it

UltimateFree Words with Friends Cheat – I got it, but I swear I never used it. So if you are using it against me, then stop! I’m deleting this one right now actually

Grocery IQ – this is supposed to help you organize your grocery list, which I love the idea of…I just keep forgetting to use it. (*)

Sleep Pillow – produces white noise…my fav is the fire crackling (***)

Marshmallow Maker – you can make s’mores with this app! Now if only Willie Wonka would make an eat o’ vision so that I could enjoy one of them! (**)

Pass the Pigs – super fun game I remember playing as a child…love it! (*****)

iSlash – my cousin got me addicted to this one…I made it to level 27, but now I’m starting to have trouble. def fun though! (*****)

Again, from the top, left to right. 🙂

Bank of America – don’t even ask for my banking info, it wouldn’t get you very far anyway!

Kindle – very handy because it can connect to my Kindle & I can read from the same book (*****)

40 Dares – based off of the book “The Love Dare” – gives you a challenge and verse for each day (*****)

Dictionary – it is what it is

Scanner – pretty cool if you are making a big purchase…you scan the item in the store & it tells you where you can find it for cheaper! (*****)

AroundMe – looking for a gas station, Starbucks, or Old Navy near you? This app will point the way! (*****)

Free WiFi –  helps you find WiFi spots in your area (***)

Flixter – movie reviews (**)

Instagram – a fun picture app that allows you to take, edit, & post pictures…I don’t use it as much as I thought I might (**)

WebMD – perfect on the go diagnosis for hypochondriacs like myself! (*****)

Your Decider – VERY handy for indecisive people….you plug in the choices, or select the simple yes/no, then ask the owl! He’ll give you the answer so that you don’t have to decide! (*****)

Pickin Stix – my personal fav…it’s a throwback to my childhood & makes me think of Pappy! (*****)

Fruit Ninja – fun slasher game…I usually play it when I blow dry my hair (***)

iWash – childlike, but somehow soothing…you basically give a computerized horse a bath (****)

Tetris – classic game! (*****)

Spider Solitaire – my fav card game (*****)


So there you are! My IPad has lots of learning apps for kids…I did find a nice calendar app for scheduling events and such, so let me know if you want to know what that is. Give me a shout if you’ve got an App you know I just must have! Until then…


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2 thoughts on “iBlog

  1. there are a couple I love you should try. My fav which is somewhat disturbing but its still my fav is a app called dismount ( the full name is stair dismount universal) basically you push people off really high things and try to break as many bones as possible to score the most points you can. I went as far as to spend 3 bucks on the in app levels they want you to buy. but I am definitely gonna have to try out some of the games you listed on my ipod touch

  2. Love this post!!! I have downloaded some already!!! THANKS!!!


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