Leftovers…It’s what’s for dinner.

Hello, so nice of you to drop by! Now that you’re here I think it’s only fair to give it to ya straight, and tell you exactly what I’ve already told my husband. You’re getting leftovers today.

He was cool with it (probably because we’ve got good leftovers…I’ve cooked some yummy things the last few days…) and hopefully you will be too. Why don’t you go ahead and taste-test the menu…


Hux slept through the night again (amazing right?!) and was ready to get up about 6 o’clock. I am actually starting to love that time of day…it feels so nice outside, everything is calm and peaceful, and check-out this view!

Oh and would you like your morning newspaper? Delivered to your door no less? Yes please!


Here’s a little something to meditate on. It’s from a page in the Newlywed Journal I’ve been writing in. Each month on the 26th (or as close to it as I can get…obviously this month I was behind…) I enjoy looking back & writing about our month and the “state of the union.” It’s been fun, and a helpful tool to see how we are communicating, what prayers have been answered, and so on.

But back to the quote…

“When true love comes, that which is counterfeit will be recognized. For someday, it will rain on the picnic, ants will sting, mosquitoes will bite, and you will get indigestion from the potato salad. There will be no stars in your eyes, no sunsets on your horizon. But you will say “forever.” Because love is a choice you have made.” – Ruth Senter

Not the most romantic thing, I know. But I’ve been married long enough to realize that be it because of your spouse or outside circumstances, life isn’t always a picnic. I am just so thankful that I have someone who makes the choice each day to love me, even when I’m having a rainy day.


I think between being a summer housewife and watching a few to many episodes of “The Real Housewives of ______” I’ve been channeling my inner Southern Belle. Case in point #1 – A couple of evenings ago when my niece was over, I wanted to go eat watermelon on the front porch. She would only go if I poured us a couple of glasses of sweet tea to take with us. (See she’s got it going on too…well I do declare!) Case in point #2 – Today  I had my sweet “Friend Kelli” over for brunch. Yes, brunch. It was lovely! We went to a garage sale, Huxley in tow, then came back to my house to cook, eat, and visit. (Brunch consisted of egg/bacon burritoes, funnel cake fries, coffee, and more watermelon!) As always it was sooo nice to catch up with her, talk about how good God is, and giggle over how cute Hux is. All fun and games…until we figured out that she must be allergic to him. (Itchy nose…bummer!) 😛


More puppy playtime! It’s amazing how Huxley is so much like a kid. He’s happy playing with an ice-cube, a rolled up newspaper, or the free flyswatter we got (at the Funeral Home no less.) Buy him a new toy and he wants to play with the wrapper. Go figure. I did pull out a new play thing for us, but it’s almost too much for him. He gets over-stimulated and goes a little crazy. It only cost 25 cents at a garage sale, so he can’t do too much harm to it…


 It’s been fun to hear what people like about my blog and even, in a few cases, how I’ve “inspired” them in some way. (And I don’t put that in quotations marks to make it sound sarcastic; they are merely there to show that I’m not taking myself too seriously.) I always appreciate your comments, and I’m having fun reading the new blogs that others are creating now. In what probably would not please her “accountant,” I even inspired K to hit up the dollar aisles. (And she found some good deals…like the big 75% off sale at Bath & Body Works that is going on right now…) All that to say, so far I’ve really enjoyed the time I spend here in blogland, and I hope all of you guys have something going on in your life right now that you can really sink your teeth into as well. 🙂

Sometime soon I need to write a post about how we are training Hux and how well he’s doing. I’m pretty impressed! It is a real exercise in patience to deal with all of his mouthing, especially for Chris. (Huxley nips at him way more than me…) But we’ll get there! I tried to upload a video of Hux and I playing hide & seek (he answers to the commands c’mere & sit!) but I’m not exactly sure how to do it. Try this link, and if it doesn’t work then just take my word for it!

Download IMG_0143.MOV (2.1 MB)

Download(2.1 MB)
Huxley did A LOT of sleeping today. And I mean A LOT. Check out his newest sleeping position…I call it the “Frankenstein!”
So there ya go. My hodgy-podgy post served up with a smile. 🙂 Bon appetite!
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