My Focus has Left the Building

Hola, faithful blog readers! (We’re up to 8 official subscribers now…woohoo!)

Not a whole lot to report today…it’s one o’clock and I’ve already been up with a puppy (who slept through the night!), played with said puppy, taken a 2 hour nap, done a load of laundry, cooked/eaten lunch, showered/dressed (that’s an accomplishment some days…), and played some more. Good day in my book. 🙂

(*Insert impromptu dollar-aisle shopping trip w/ a fab friend…)

And the day just got even better! Many, but certainly not all, of you out in blog land have been shopping with me. The best way to describe shopping with me is random justification. Random in that I typically go home with a weird assortment of stuff that I didn’t go out intending to buy, justification in that I can typically come up with many reasons why I really should buy something. So the rule of thumb (for future reference) is that I’m the kind of friend you take shopping when you want to spend money. And it should also be known that I don’t like being told that I shouldn’t buy something. J didn’t have to do that today, but it’s just a good thing to know.

Since I did stick mostly to the dollar aisle, I decided to show you a few of the bargains I found…so put your hands together for my “Dollar Aisle Runway!!!”

I began with a treat for my sweet – trying to give him a wide array of APPROPRIATE chew toys. He’s feeling much better today (I think the worm medicine did him in yesterday), so Hux is certainly giving those teeth a workout. In fact he’s been playing with this ever since he woke up from his most recent nap, and boy is he diggin’ it! (This was not dollar aisle, but it was clearance…)

The next little goodie is an example of how much restraint I actually can show. Target had a whole series of lemon products…a bag, clipboard, erasers, sticky notes, notebook, cards, card box, lemonade signs…oh be still my beating heart. The gift-giver in me wanted to put together a lemonade theme gift, complete with drink mix and a yellow bag. But alas, I would have been all gifted up and nowhere to go. So I settled myself (and actually chose to go put a few things back before checking out) and bought only this little grocery list for my fridge. So cute!

More restraint shown here. I get sucked in to the theme-y things Target does. Take this beach theme. How adorable right?! So rather than buying out all the cups, plates, blah blah, everything with a crab or anchor that I could get my shop-a-holic hands on, I reigned myself in and chose only these two little bowls, which will be perfect for Huxley snacks & an on-the-go water bowl. He NEEDED it. Really.

And I would have gotten out of Target paying around $7, but I ventured into the non-clearance/dollar section area and finally found a swimsuit that I can feel happy in. Last summer I went bikini-crazy (honeymoon cruise and all) but I am just not feeling it this summer. Needless to say the husband and I have enjoyed a few too many desserts. Hence, the cute little one-piece.

And that is why I love Target.

But no, oh no. We didn’t stop there. The next stop had the potential to be even more dangerous in some ways. We entered crafty land. Michaels.

And they have a dollar aisle.

Paula Dean helped me kick-off the bargains with these adorable kitchen accessories. The spoon rest has cute little polka dots and the shaker says…”Shake It!” (Well what did you think it was going to say? Dump it?!) Both had a very retro feel that I love and works perfect with my kitchen.

Next up from Mrs. PD was this fun little jar opener. Since my main squeeze isn’t always around to open things up for me, it will be very handy. (And it even comes with directions, lest I forget. Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey!)

To finish out this look I  chose this great plastic coffee mug, perfect for my early mornings on the porch with Hux. You can’t see exactly what it says from the picture I chose, but the words are “Cookin’ Makes Ya Good Lookin!” (*Notice it doesn’t say Eatin’….hum…)

J was buying a gift for a friend, so we both chose a set of these sweet little cards. I’m planning on mailing them to my family just as a reminder that I love them & I’m thinking of everyone while we look for comfort in our loss. If you didn’t already know this about me, something I should have put in my “about me” is that I am a greeting card fanatic. No doubt I will have a blog dedicated to greeting cards before all is said and done.

And finally, as the grand-finale to my randomness, J found these. She instantly knew I would love them, and she was right. So I brought them home with me…and like most of the completely random things I buy, I have no doubt a situation will one present itself for which these will be perfect. So fun right?!

In the meantime, Chris and I tried them on for a grin. (When she dropped me off J asked if we ever have a serious moment in this house. The answer is yes, but they are few and far between. Usually the only thing we are too serious about is how much we love each other!)

Goodness I look tired in that picture. Puppy & husband & shopping wear me out…but all in a good way! Anyway, now you understand the title of this post; it’s how J described shopping with me today! If you’d like to invite me to go shopping now…then I’d love to, but please wait until after payday. Please.


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2 thoughts on “My Focus has Left the Building

  1. Debbie Thompson

    Well, you know that I love shopping with you. AND, everytime I go to Target I think of you! And by the way, that shirt you picked out for me at Christopher & Banks, I’ve had so many compliments on it. I always brag that my daughter-in-law picked it out for me! Thanks!

    I am, though, a little concerned that the stuff I made you (in particular the yellow fabric) might not go with the goodies you bought today. With that said, you won’t hurt my feelings if they all end up in a yard sale 🙂

    Love ya, sweetie! Hugs to my idiot of a son (and I mean that lovingly!!)

  2. I should have gotten one of those shirts too! The fabric will def match the kitchen, no worries! The stuff I got today cost a grand total of $4, so your things are more important!


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