Poop in my Purse

Whew this little guy is sure breaking me in right from the start. I’m sure by now you’ve thought about pressing that little red x in the right hand corner of your screen…I get it. Talk of poop usually sends people running. I’ll keep it short. So let’s just act like it’s a band-aid and rip it off fast. In fact, I bet I can do it in 10 words. Here we go…

Good Morning. Backyard. Poop. Worms. Call Vet. Sample. Baggie. Purse.

Gross I know. But no worries, I didn’t take any pictures, and worms are actually quite common in little puppies. He does have the 3 main kinds (tape, hook, and round) but the doc gave him a dose of medicine today and sent us home with 2 weeks worth of medicine. So all is well…


Our first night went (knock on wood, or on the head of the person sitting next to you) super! Hux didn’t whine at all about being in the crate, he slept easily & for a long time. Chris heard him moving around about 3:30 (not crying, just playing) so he “accidently” woke me up too so that we could both take him out. Right. But it’s really okay, summer housewives have time for that kind of thing. He went back into the crate pretty easily again and slept until almost 7. I heard him whimpering a little so I got up with him and let Chris catch some zzz’s. (Notice how I didn’t “accidently” wake him up!)

I did learn that at that time of day it’s a really nice time to be outside, and that you can get a lot of stuff done when you don’t sleep in until 12. So maybe that will be our little special time. After having playtime together Huxley fell back asleep. Chris woke up just enough to come lay next to him, and then this is what I walk in to see…

And then they switch over to…

No really guys. Don’t worry about how tired I might be. Sleep the day away. I insist. Honestly though, they were pretty cute laying there together. And even though Chris eventually got up, Huxley apparently did truly plan on sleeping the day away. Google informed us that puppies his age sleep an average of 18-20 hours a day, so he spent most of his time looking like this:

And even though we aren’t in this picture, you can imagine in your brain what we might look like…hovering, watching for a breath & generally fretting like new parents do. We did manage to take a nap ourselves when we settled him into his crate for an afternoon nap.


So, there we are. We have started working on training him, using the positive / clicker method. More on that at a later time. For now I’ll leave you with the promise that my posts won’t always be soley about Huxley and his potty schedule, Huxley and his sleep routine, Huxley and his worms. But this is a blog about life, and for the time being he is dominating our time & minds. Which I would say has been a very welcome distraction for my healing heart.


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8 thoughts on “Poop in my Purse

  1. Judy Dunsworth

    You my dear friend are a nut and I absolutely LOVE it. I’ve been glued to your blogs Keep them coming!

  2. Debbie Thompson

    What else could there possibly be to blog about at this time of your lives? Of course we want to hear about our “grandson” 🙂 (I’m sure you mom would appreciate me calling your puppy a grandson, but oh well). I can only imagine what these blogs are going to be like when a human grandson/daughter comes along! (not pushing, mind you!) We love love love reading these. It’s like being there with you! Hugs to you and my son!

  3. Debbie Thompson

    BTW…I think it’s cool that the symbols next to the people that posted comments look like quilt blocks! 🙂

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