Houston…We Have a Puppy!

At the encouragement of my Momma, I came home to good ol’ MW today. Fast forward through unpacking, nap-time, and getting laundry started then hit play for the big excitement of the day – Puppy Time!

What ended up being a really fun & exciting evening started out as a bit of a nervous afternoon, for two main reasons.

#1 – We were about to become puppy parents. Pretty big job + Pretty high expectations = some nerves

#2 – After exchanging texts with the breeder & agreeing to meet at a convienent store to make the swap, I started thinking we might be part of some sort of a sting operation. I mean seriously. We drove into a small town, pulled up at a pretty questionable convienent store, and waited for the goods to show up. Then we handed over a wad of cash, got what we came for, and drove out of town. You would be looking around for a swarm of FBI or something too!

But, all nerves aside, when we did get out of the car we were greeting by a very nice, very nicely dressed, breeder. She had all the paperwork we needed, she had a sweet little freshly bathed puppy, and we had all the information we needed on his prior vet visits. He was obviously well taken care of, and she was obviously a little sad to have to let him go. Much better than a sting operation, right?!

Immediatley we both knew that the name we had settled on just wasn’t going to be quite right – so Sully was out. After hanging out for the evening and testing it out, we decided on a name that has been a favorite of ours for a while now. Huxley. (Also known as Hux…)

We spent the first part of our evening down on the floor with him, playing & laughing & following his every move. He was a busy boy – sniffing everything, trying to eat one of my shoes (already), and checking out his water bowl. “Aunt” Kelly and Ailey came over to meet him, and you can just imagine all the excitement in our house with a 2 1/2 year old & a puppy. She LOVES dogs, so she just jumped right in there, dragging out of his toys, bossing him around, and excitedly pointing out everything he did. (And she did all of this, mind you, in a voice about 3 octaves higher and several degrees louder than normal. She was VERY excited!)

And this is how the evening continued, with Huxley finding time to take two pretty good little naps. During the first we were able to move him to his pillow, which is much to big now but will be perfect later. The second nap he actually fell asleep in his crate (with the door open) after we made some pretty significant progress crate training him. Here’s how it went down: Chris by the crate working with Hux, me by the couch directing his every move from our book. Now that’s teamwork. 🙂

Housetraining has begun…he had a couple of little #1 accidents in the house but we got him outside for the #2’s…not bad for our first day together. (And Lord knows we’re feeding him A LOT of treats, so he’s probably going to be having A LOT of #2’s.)

Which brings us to bedtime. I have a sleepy husband whom I’ve already sent to bed, and I’m sitting here waiting for our sleepy puppy to get nice and comfortable in the crate so I can close the door. Who knows how it will go from there. I just know my dad probably went to bed laughing at the thought of Chris & I being up all night, and that my husband will probably turn on his selective hearing before he turns off his light. Wish me luck!

KEEP CALM & SLEEP ON (*well hopefully anyway!)

P.S. – He was meant to be part of my family…he loves watermelon just as much as we do! ; )

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One thought on “Houston…We Have a Puppy!

  1. Debbie Thompson

    Day one down…He’ll be a joy if you let him. Our first dog became “our baby” quickly. Then we had kids eight years later. 🙂 Love ya!


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