Where’s Steve?!

Let me begin by saying THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to everyone who has sent up prayers for my family, given sweet words of condolence, or helped feed/take care of us. It’s times like this that remind me why it is so wonderful to live in a small town and to work in a small town school. We have been blessed beyond measure…

We’ve had a nice day, with some downtime & some family time & a lot of eating time. Visitation and services aren’t until tomorrow evening and Monday, so we’re kind of in that limbo right now. Praise Jesus that my Pappy isn’t in a limbo right now – I like to think she’s up enjoying a tasty watermelon with Jesus!

This post really truly will be super short…I’m just kind of out of words right now. (This won’t last long – trust me! I’ll be back to my self-depricating, sarcastic self before too much longer…) Just wanted to say thanks and hug / call your Grandma if you can! (Hopefully yours won’t screen your call the way Chris’ screened his!)

Even in our sadness, there has been a lot of laughter as we share family stories and as we try to navigate through this difficult time…one of the best examples of that was earlier today at a family dinner…


(Setting: my parent’s house, dining room table)

*Insert lots of chatter, movement, people, etc…

Crazy Great Aunt (and I mean that in a loving way, really!) suddenly exclaims and looks around frantically:


Everyone else: “Um….who’s Steve?” “Is Steve supposed to be here?” “We don’t know a Steve…” “Did you take your medicine?!”

Great Aunt: “Heather, why isn’t Steve here? Where is STEVE???”

Everyone else: …awkward silence…crickets chirping…

Heather:  (silent, shrugging, looking around pleading with her eyes for someone to help…)

Heather’s Mom: “Um…do you mean Heather’s husband CHRIS?”

Great Aunt: “Oh yeah. Where is he anyway?”

And that was that. So now Chris has a new nickname. It’s like I’m married to a whole new man!!!


P.S. – Chris’ (or Steve’s, whichever you’re feeling like calling him these days…) Gma probably wasn’t really screening his call, it’s just more fun to tell the story that way! 😉



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