Things that are wrong with the world…

Hello world! …Or, at the least, hello in-laws! Biz, Dan, & Debbie “COME ON DOWN! You’re the first subscribers to KeepCalmAndLoveOn!”   (Or theywill be anyway, now that I’ve added a subscription tab on the right… check it out!) What have they won?! Well…nothing actually. Just the privilege of having me as a daughter/sister-in-law and the relief of knowing that when they read crazy stories about Chris they know that he’s mine to deal with now. 🙂

Speaking of my new branch of the family, it’s time for more birthday wishes!! Happy Birthday today to Debbie & Happy Birthday tomorrow to Biz! Wish you guys could have been here yesterday for the Ultimate Cupcakes, but no worries, Chris & I ate enough for all of us! Hope both of your days are full of all the love and fun ya’ll deserve – wish we could click our heels and be in AZ with ya!

I’ve made a few updates / adjustments to the widgets on the right of the screen. If you come up with any ideas or suggestions for me, just let me know. I usually take constructive criticism well…and if I don’t then the worst I’ll do is tell you to go get your own blog. 🙂

This blog will be short, because yesterday’s was…not. So on to today’s topic –


Thing #1 – That my Mom is more popular on Facebook than I am. She has exactly 100 more friends and received a significantly larger number of birthday wishes on her wall yesterday than I did on my birthday. (I know because I counted.) I am happy that I have such a cool, sweet Mom…I am just a little freaked out that she has surpassed me on Facebook. Let’sjust say that I’m not even going to LOOK at my Grandma’s account to see how many friends she has…I don’t need that kind of pressure.

Thing #2 – That my 2 1/2year old niece (whom I had sooo much fun with today btw) can pick up my IPad, turn it on, and navigate her way into whatever app she wants. I mean seriously. She even requested (angry) “Birds” and got more than a little testy when it was on the slow side loading. To make matters worse? Her high score was better than mine!

Thing #3 – That clothes and dishes keep getting dirty. Enough said.

Thing #4 – (And this is a serious note…) That so many of my teacher friends are trying to find jobs right now w/o a whole lot of luck. It is so sad to know that there are awesome teachers out there who are just not sure what they’re going to do with themselves, and hard to know that it just as easily could have been me. Please keep them, and our TX education system, in your prayers.

So in light of thing #4, I guess thing #3 isn’t so bad…at least we’ve got clothes to wear and food to eat. And things #1 & #2 actually show that there are some things going pretty RIGHT in my world. I’ve got a rockin’ mom and a genius niece…and I’d take both of those things over the alternatives. 🙂


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