Nature vs. Nurture…our puppy social experiment

Welcome back! I decided to kick off this entry with a bit of awkwardness. In my experience, I’ve found that an awkward moment can really put everyone at ease. So if you’ve ever wondered why I am can be such an awkward, clumsy person, then now you know why. I do it to make everyone else feel better and more comfortable. Isn’t that so good of me?! And, if you’re buying that, then I’ve believe my in-laws have some ocean front property in Arizona we’d like to sell you…

Bam. So there it is. That is what my husband gets the privelege of waking up to every morning. (And, my dear friends, that is why you don’t live together before marriage. Had he known about this hair paired with my kickin’ morning breath he might have taken a little more convincing to take that walk down the aisle!) No but seriously, we may need to call an exterminator…something is making a nest in my hair.

Now that we’re all feeling better about ourselves (well you anyway, I’ve still got to live with the knowledge that I look / smell like a homeless person when I wake up), let’s get back to the real reason for today’s post…this sweet little guy.

Our soon-to-be, still nameless, Pembroke Welsh Corgie puppy.

Now it’s no secret that a corgi wasn’t my first choice for a pet. For years I’ve had my heart set on an English Bulldog. When Chris & I got married and started seriously talking about a dog, I used all of my super powers to convince him that a bulldog was what we really needed. Once I had him brainwashed (*insert evil laugh here…) we started doing our research. Immediately we knew we couldn’t afford a puppy, but we did find several rescue organizations with adult bulldogs they adopt out. Then the hoop jumping began. I spent hours filling out adoption applications (complete with essay questions, references, and if we made it to the next level – a home interview!) , doing online research, and crossing my fingers / toes / eyes that good luck would shine on us.

Then the rejection letter came. Those letters are funny things aren’t they…you feel so invested, so hopeful, only to be shot down by a completely impersonal form letter. And on an interesting note, I bet when you first read the words “rejection letter” your brain clicked over to the memory of the first one you received. Mine was from a school that I just KNEW was going to hire me. Until that letter came in the mail on a day that I will forevermore reference as “Black Monday.”

But it’s neither here nor there. They rejected us as potential adoptive parents and gave no reason, no apologies. At that point I, who admittedly does not accept or handle rejection well, kicked my search for someone who would give me a dog into high gear. We found a family in the town over who raises corgies and well, here we are! (And no Dad, they do not know that Chris and I are owner rejects. SSHHHH!)

And so the preparations begin! My facebook account has seen more action in the last couple of days than it did when I got engaged. Maybe even more than it did in college when facebook was still so new that people couldn’t keep their hands of their keyboards. That being said, I sincerely appreciate all the advice from my FB friends – keep it coming! In true Heather style I took it a step further and did what I do…bought a book!

The first thing that drew me to this book was the word “IDIOT” because, let’s face it, that’s what I am when it comes to house dogs. It was the small phrase in the corner of the book that clinched the deal though. And I quote “The most effective method for teaching your dog to be a GOOD CITIZEN.” I mean really. That is what I try to teach my Kindergarteners to do. That is what I try to teach my husband to do. Why wouldn’t I want to teach my dog to do that as well?! I’ve just started going through it, highlighter in hand, but I think it’s really going to change my life. (And potentially my professional life…there is an interesting correlation between training dogs and training children…hum.)

Besides reading & worrying, I got the go ahead from the husband to go shopping for all the supplies we’ll need. His mistake was letting me go to PetSmart completely unsupervised, and I have a feeling he won’t be doing that again. Even though it probably wasn’t the best thing for our wallet, it did keep us from having arguements over our puppy style. (Because trust me, there would have been arguements. As it stands now, arguing would be pointless because I’ve already taken everything out of the package.) 🙂

I immediately hit up the Martha Stewart section and pretty much bought one of everything in the lovely Tiffany blue color.

So sweet right?!

Besides the feeding essentials, I got the necessary brushes & nail clippers from her collection, and some cute toys. (Toy shopping was fun…but is it weird that I color coordinated the toys as well?!) Check it out…

Looks like a bucket of fun right?! Got the pooper scooper handy, the matching leash and collar set, all in a cute blue basket. (And this is why I NEVER need to be a stay at home housewife…when I have too much time to my own devices things start getting very matchy-matchy. The day you see Chris and I in a matching outfit is the day you need to hold an intervention for me.)

Never fear responsible pet owners…I did get some of the things that our pup will actually need to survive as well. Food (I’ll never tell you what kind I ended up picking – everyone has an opinion, and I respect all of them, and I picked a good kind. So just trust me.) Besides food and treats and training pads, I also got everything we need to promote good dental hygiene.

I literally cannot wait to tell my dad about this one. This is the kind of shock-and-awe that I live for people.

Now, if the puppy toothbrush doesn’t quite get the reaction that I’m looking for, then I’ll pull out the big guns…

Yes, I am afraid to say that I am apparently one of “those people.” I figure if I’m going to get out of my comfort zone and have a house dog then I’m going to do it up big. (Btw, I need to start updating my address book so that I can send out updated family photos.) 😉

All of this leads up nicely to the title of today’s entry, Nature vs. Nurture. After Chris saw all of the so sweet light blue accessories I chose (and it should be said that he hasn’t even seen the clothes yet….surprise!) he definitely had some concerns over which team our puppy would one day bat for. And I guess my question is, does it even matter? I mean, when he’s “of age” we’re going to have him neutered (need to take a moment for a shout out to Bob Barker right here…all of you die-hard “Price is Right” fans will understand the reference!) so it’s not like he’s going to be able to take a lover or anything.

So I guess we’ll just have a little social experiment going on here (Chris has always wanted to do one of those anyway…) but I can promise that whatever the outcome is I will love our little man. I guess if he does end up…well, you know…I can bedazzle all his stuff. That sounds pretty fun actually…


Before I sign-off, I’ve got to wish my wonderful Momma a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The fam is on their way to my house now to spend the night with us, and for a suprise I got everyone Ultimate Cupcakes to celebrate…sweets for my sweet Mom! Yum!

*phew* I am so glad this post is done. I had to completely re-do it after forgetting to save the first draft. Oops!  If you managed to read this far the you deserve a clap – give yourself the firework clap for me. (basically that’s just where you shoot your arms into the air, do jazz hands, and make firework sounds…fun right?!) Until we meet again…


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4 thoughts on “Nature vs. Nurture…our puppy social experiment

  1. I decided to start from the beginning since your mom raved about you on Facebook!!!(I taught with her in Bangs) She was right, you are very good at it. I must say I sure do hope you continue. I am a BLOG junkie!!!

    • I’m turning into a junkie too! I am definitely enjoying sharing all my silly stories. I stopped by your blog as well, and I love the owl design…so cute!

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