Why a blog?

Fabulous question, thank you for asking! We’ll just start by saying that I in no way expect anyone to faithfully subscribe to this blog, or to subscribe to the notion that my life is full of such grandeur that it must be shared with the world. The safer assumption would be that, for the next couple of months anyway, I am a summer housewife with a little more time on my hands than I’m used to having. And if you know me you must admit that I do find myself in some interesting, and typicallly comical, predicaments. As if my Kindergarten tales weren’t enough, I’m also married to a man who, when we went over to a friend’s house the other evening, basically said “Sit back and watch the show.” (One day he’s going to take his “One-Man Comedy Show” on the road…I guess that would make me his groupie?!) Add to that our new adventures as “Puppy Parents” and you can see why I might need therapy *ahem* I mean, to blog,  in order to process all this craziness.

For those of you English majors or grammar fanatics, I’m going to go ahead and make a disclaimer here. I tend to write with a lot of verbage, a lot of …., and a lot of run-ons. It is what it is, don’t try to change me. 🙂 *Remember, I teach Kindergarten, where we cheer for spaces, capitals, and ending punctuation. So if I remember those three things, then I definitely deserve a sticker!

Looking forward (if my sweet little love fern of a blog makes it that long) you can expect husband stories, puppy stories, school stories, family stories, AND even brother stories, as he’ll be moving in with us this fall while he completes his student teaching. I *LOVE*LOVE*LOVE him, but Dad just keeps warning me about the weird noises that come out of his room while he teaches himself to play the fiddle. (Does anyone know what the learning curve on that is? Will he be concert ready by the time he moves in? Because that could actually be quiet relaxing….)

I hope what you’ll see most through my blog is that I am full of love for the people in  my life and circumstances I find myself in…that’s why through it all I will LOVE ON, and I hope you will be encouraged to do the same.

So I’ll leave you now (with visions of my next blog dancing in my head) to go catch up on my “stories”…aka ridiculously embarrassing television shows that I DVR religiously.


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2 thoughts on “Why a blog?

  1. Biz

    I love that your doing a blog. I will with my ridiculous amount of free time probably read it religiously. It will be a great way to keep up with y’all.

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